Sunday, November 01, 2009

NU107 Rock Awards 2009: And the winners are...

Listening to the RA2009 on the radio. I miss the feeling of excitement attending the event itself, especially the first time I went back in 1998 at some disco...Limits nga ba yun? Basta yung nasa Ortigas. 11 years ago na pala yun, grabe :P

Anyway, tonight started out great - one of my favorite bands won the award I wanted them to win most:

Congratulations to PERYODIKO for being this year's Best New Artist! Yey :)

Props to KAKOI LEGASPI for winning the Guitarist of the Year award! Yey ulit :)

Woohoo to EBE DANCEL for bagging the Vocalist of the Year award! Congrats din kay ARMI MILLARE who tied with him for this award :)

Yey for INKSURGE for the Best Album Packaging award for their work on Sugarfree's Mornings and Airports!

Much respect to Sir ROBIN RIVERA for his Producer of the Year award for his work on Peryodiko's self-titled debut album!

Peryodiko got 3 out of their 6 nominations! They missed out on Best Album Packaging, but that went to Inksurge for their work with Sugarfree so all's good.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners :)

Drummer of the Year - Allan Burdeos of Kamikazee
Bassist of the Year - Ivan Garcia of Hilera
Guitarist of the Year - Kakoi Legaspi of Peryodiko
Vocalists of the Year - Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree, Armi Millare of Up dharma Down
Album Packaging of the Year - Inksurge for Sugarfree's "Mornings and Airports"
Producer of the Year - Robin Rivera for Peryodiko's "Peryodiko"
Video of the Year - Last Days on a Cruise Ship by Pancho Esguerra for Bamboo
Listener's Choice Award - Chicosci (Did I get that right? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.)
Best Live Act - Hilera
Hall of Fame Awardee - Francis M

Performing now: Rommel dela Cruz on bass, Wendell Garcia on drums, Francis Brew and Mike Elgar on guitars, and Ely Buendia and Elmo Magalona on vocals! It's a Sickos song, I think...Now THAT I would've loved to witness live.

Song of the Year - "Antukin" by Rico Blanco
In the Raw Award - Dimmerswitch

At this point, I fell asleep. Hehehe. So, 2 days after the awards show, I finally found out through Google who won Album and Artist of the Year. I'm still missing one award, though I'm not really familiar with the nominees so it's ok with me I guess.

Smart / U Rock College Band of the Year - ???
Album of the Year - Bipolar by Up dharma Down
Artist of the Year - Up dharma Down

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Post-show commentary:
  • It was a great night for Peryodiko. Initially, I never realized they got quite a number of nominations (6); other bands with the same or more nominations were Kamikazee (6), UdD and Kjwan (7), and Hilera (9).

  • Bands that I think should've had more nominations: Sugarfree and Wolfgang.

  • Bands that I think should've won more of their nominations: UdD, Kjwan

  • I don't understand why Hilera has so many nominations...though I admit maybe it's just that I'm not too familiar with their new material. I do believe I didn't like one of their songs from the latest album, the one with the Western style video.

  • Peryodiko and Up dharma Down were the big winners of the night, winning 3 of their 6/7 nominations. Followed by Sugarfree and Hilera with 2 awards each. I guess the awards were pretty much spread out this year, which is good, because remember how folks reacted when the 2007 awards show seemingly favored just one particular band?

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