Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wolfgang's Hit and Run: The awesome night that was

3 A's to describe last night: Anlupit. Ambangis. Ang AWESOME.

Front acts were great: Playphonics, Salamin, Loquy. Got to appreciate Playphonics and Salamin this second time I got to see them, while it was my first Loquy gig. As usual, Kevin Roy had the best in-between-song hirits, hehe. Sancho is a guitar genius!

In terms of setlist, this was probably the best gig since they kinda-broke-up-and-got-back-together. Check it out (thanks to Benj for posting the setlist):

1. The Beast
2. What Grows In Your Garden Now
3. As Oceans
4. Very Free
5. A Revolution Now
6. Man 98
7. Bassarab's Walk
8. Mata Ng Diyos
10. Halik Ni Hudas
11. Trenta
12. Arise
13. Left Alone
14. Atomica
15. Love And Despair
16. Molds
17. Aching Tree
18. Darkness Fell
19. Shoulders Of Cain
20. Weightless
21. Diaspora
22. Ilang Alon Ang Dala
23. Natutulog Kong Mundo
*Manuel's guitar string breaks*

24. Roadworthy Man
25. Tulisan


I was totally psyched when they played Very Free, Sanctified, Roadworthy Man, Weightless, and MAN98!

Maybe the only other post-hiatus gig that tops this one was Alive 2007 - that one had it over Hit and Run in terms of crowd response, the excitement of anticipation (this gig sorta ended their hiatus), and the fact that Razorback shared the stage with them.

Nobody - NOBODY - comes close to Wolfgang when it comes to rocking out. (Razorback doesn't count - it's just wrong to compare those two bands, it's like pitting twin brothers against each other, hehe.)

I usually thrive on taking gig pics, but for Hit and Run, it was an exercise in futility from where we stood - at the bar, corner of the room, far far away from the stage. But I didn't fret about that at all - to experience Wolfgang with your own two eyes and not through the camera lens was waaay better.

It was a pretty physical gig for me. Since we were far and everybody else stood in front of us, I had to stand on the footrest at the bar to see the band. Doing that required me to keep my balance on the aircon beside me and the bar behind me, thus limiting my fist-pumping and foot-stomping, though I could still headbang. 19East is still a small venue, though, so "far from the band" isn't really THAT far. I so love small, intimate bar gigs.

Speaking of physical, my ordeal was nothing compared to what the guys had to endure - especially Francis Aquino. With his arms flying across the drumkit for 25+1 songs, I totally marvelled at his stamina the whole night. Manuel's guitar licks were a treat to watch (as long as I could see them above all the heads in the crowd, hehe). Mon was farther form me than any other band member, so I was simply contented to hear his basslines and see him smile once in a while. And, of course, I will forever love Sebastian Artadi - Pinoy rock god in his own right.

Wolfgang is one of the primary reasons I am very thankful for being a kid of the 90s (guess what other band would be another reason). I was in first year high school when I first heard their music. Got to love them more in college because my guy Andrew is a big fan. And now, I am old enough - curfew free and salaried - to watch their breathtaking, heartstopping live performances :)

Lemme take this opportunity to thank my fiance, Andrew, for wanting to watch this gig. I initially decided to let it pass because of financial and schedule constraints, but Andrew's answer to my question, "Manonood ba tayo?" - "Oo, Wolfgang yan eh!" - sealed the deal :P And, of course, he's my perpetual gigging partner and driver (hehe), so without him, I wouldn't have witnessed the gig in its entirety.

Finally, let me thank WOLFGANG for filling our lives with awesome Pinoy rock. Thank you for coming back to us when we thought we had lost you. Thank you for putting up such a spectacular show last night. Though the chances to see you are few and far between, gigs like Hit and Run are enough to fill my cup :)

Ok, tama na, super haba na nito, emo pa sa dulo :D

P.S. Lines of the night by Basti:
"T******* Twilight yan, I just don't get it." (as a segue to Bassarab's Walk)
"I feel whiter and gay each day." (referring to the Glutamax ad - SLEX people, you know what I'm talking about)