Tuesday, February 02, 2010

House chores over school work...?

I never thought I'd ever pick house chores over school work. Hehehe.

One of the big changes in my life from being single to double is that I have to do a big share of household chores now

Now that I am starting to manage my own household, I am totally missing Annie, our family's superwoman helper, around. Annie has been with us since I was in Grade 4 (so that's as early as 1990...). She does everything sooo well - clean the house, cook our meals, do our laundry, take care of our pets. We'd be totally crippled when she'd go on a vacation (which was rare) - though those were the times we'd get to learn some housekeeping skills, hehe.

Now, I have my own place to keep spic and span for my husband. One piece of advice that my mom would tell me and my sisters over and over again was to keep the house nice and comfy so that our hubbies would always love to come home after a crazy day at work.

I'm trying my best, but it's still quite a challenge for me, especially since I'm the best time manager in the universe Just like with school work, there's always a lot to do, and you tend to do first the things you'd like to do, not necessarily the things that need doing. And speaking of school work, I seem to be favoring lately fixing up at home rather than doing work-related stuff, hehehe.

My latest adventure in household chores? Watching YouTube videos of how to iron clothes I found this one pretty useful, maybe you'd like to check it out, hahaha - How to Iron Pants.

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