Monday, July 18, 2005

From Mongols to Pupil

Not too long ago, I posted about a gig at 6Underground featuring the band called "Pupil", which was supposedly formerly called "The Mongols". It got me to wondering whether the Mongols have broken up already. Found this message at The Mongols Yahoogroup, posted Fri Jul 8, 2005, 9:23 pm:

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It's true. Last night was the last gig of the mongols.

jerome's departure has made it sort of an odd thing for us to continue as the mongols. and so we, the current mongol lineup (ely buendia[vocals, guitars], yan yuzon [guitars, vocals], dok sergio [bass] and boga jugo [drums]) will proceed under a new name.

***a point of clarification: jerome velasco left the band to pursue a career in recording. he now works with the rehearsal and recording studios of six underground. as his responsibilities with his new occupation will have made things logistically difficult for the band, he opted to focus on his new career. he remains an active member ofdaydream cycle; in fact they have a gig tonight and i'm gonna catch up as soon as this message is sent. :) FOR THE RECORD, jerome and the now-ex-mongols are good friends, and rest assured that there is no animosity between him and any of us. in fact, we wish him well on his new career, and we're certain he'll do well with it. Mabuhay ka, JAstro!

***Once again, there is no more "the mongols". The current lineup, myself, ely, dok and bogs will reform under a new name. Which means, what was anticipated to be the mongols' second album becomes_ _ _ _ _'s debut album. Not bad, eh?

For this reason, the site has been torn down. A new one will be up soon, and you'll be the first to know once we're backonline. right, kieth? It's been a very thrilling ride, if i may say so myself, and we thank all of you--the ardent fans, for everything you've given us, and we thank jerome for everything he's given us.

Hopefully, as we embark on what appears to be the coming continuation of this journey for the four of us, we may count on your continued support. For now, we offer each other goodbyes. Hope to see you all again when it's time for hellos.

and so it ends. don't believe everything you see on tv, and have safe sex as often as you could (if you are 18 or older). bye!

yan yuzon
bass, then guitar :)
the mongols.

and so it begins!

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