Friday, July 29, 2005

Rockstar crazy

I'm loving Rockstar INXS so much. And rooting for MiG Ayesa too!

Recently saw some online Pinoy articles on the latest Pinoy-blooded reality show star...

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“Mig has a great voice. He’s a very good singer,” agreed guitarist Tim Farris, adding that Ayesa was a natural choice for the band. “Mig is an amazing performer and I think some of the contenders will have to step up to compete against him.”
If Ayesa’s exotic good looks and amazing singing prowess can keep him on the ballgame until the end, this signals the end of our long, painful wait to see one of our kind at the center of the world stage, a rare chance that we sorely and sadly missed in the past two seasons of American Idol.
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When I asked if he spoke Tagalog, Mig smiled and said, "Hindi, pare. Ang Tagalog ko putik."

From the interview portion:
You said your Tagalog was ...?
Putik, putik naman kasi, e (Laughs).

Do you know a rock song in Tagalog?
Um no, but I do know some Gary V songs.
Oh, that's not rock. (Laughter)
Yeah, I know ... but do you know the rock band Wolfgang?
The guitarist is a Legarda (Manuel, his cousin). He gave me his CD so I could listen to the songs. But I [still] don't know how to sing them. (So pinsan nga niya si Manuel.)

Also found out from this article that his Legarda cousins (Manuel's family I guess?) live in Alabang and he used to visit them yearly. *Ting* Stalker mode on! Hahaha! Alabang pala ha...neighbor! LOL =P (Belated happy birthday nga pala kay Manuel - July 18?)

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And of course I love reading the witty recaps on the show's official website:

Some excerpts:

From Week3: Reality Show Recap
If Neal's absence makes the Rockers' hearts fonder, J.D.'s presence is having the opposite effect. The negative vibe created by J.D. telling INXS that while the rest of the Rockers have to learn their songs, he's known and loved them since he was a kid, still lingers. When J.D. walks into a room, you can feel the tension rise. "Are you guys cool with me?" he asks, and the stony stares he gets show that, although MiG assures him "we're over it," the truth is, they're not. Read more.

From Week3: Performance Show Recap
...MiG's theatrical background can give his stage moves a dismaying literalness . . . remember his wave on "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? Tonight, it happens when he gets to his knees as he sings "I got down to my knees." It's a good vocal performance, and the girls in the crowd certainly appreciate him, but Dave wants to see him sing with more "abandon." Andrew wants to see him after a half-bottle of vodka, and the crowd gets to see him topless...

...And as happens so often on "Rock Star:INXS," it's the song selection that could lead to a downfall. Dave wonders why, if he's been asked to be less cocky, J.D. chose "Champions." J.D. has no answer, except to call everyone "champions," a bald-faced attempt at making things right that fools no one...
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From Week3: Elimination Show Recap
Daphna gets to defend herself first. Jon tells her that last night she did a "funky rock song" and didn't do it very well. She says that yes, she "murdered" The Clash's "Rock the Casbah," and perhaps hoping to plea bargain it down to manslaughter, explains that it's a punk song, and in a statement that musical CSIs will study for years, says that punk songs are "supposed to be murdered." She must have mixed it up with death metal.

Daphna and Heather were *both* eliminated.
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And from MiG's Rockstar INXS blog:

On losing Neal too soon:
Eliminations Day #2. Today we lost Neal. I couldn't believe it. Not Neal! I though (sic) for sure he'd make it to the end. Top Five at least! Neal is one of the most beautiful human beings I have met. His relentless energy and enthusiasm for everything lit up this place like a Christmas Tree. He was a breath of fresh air and always made me feel good and excited to be here. He is a rock god! He IS rock! It's psychotic that he is not here. Our lives will never be the same again. We're all feeling the loss deeply and heavily.

On his Week3 Performance song:
The neat thing I did was to choose the song "LOLA." It wasn’t even my top 5 choices, but if it meant that next week I will be able to choose ANY song, then I am happy for the trade. "LOLA" is a classic, but I've worked out a new arrangement with the House band. "LOLA" also means 'Grandmother' in Tagalog, so this song is dedicated to my 'Gigi,' who was my 'LOLA' and to celebrate my Filipino connection. I just need to make it work, show spontaneity and survive this coming week's elimination show.

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Rockstar crazy it is ;)

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