Thursday, August 04, 2005

My happy thoughts - Rockstar, Sugarfree, Counting Crows

Some kababawans that made me smile today:

+ MiG's enjoyable "We Will Rock You" performance today at Rockstar:INXS. He's my bet, sila ni Jordis. Big disappointment if neither of them gets far in this competition.

Finally getting my Sugarfree shirt and pins from Klara - thanks for buying em for me! Ganda nung pins!

Actually bumping into Ebe, just over an hour after getting my Sugarfree merch, over at Greenbelt 4. Hi-hello-wachu-doin-here stuff lang. Mukha akong gago na sobrang nakatingi when we parted ways. That was a really pleasant surprise that capped off this day :)

Seeing Counting Crows' "Long December" on MTV's VH1 Collection tonight. Labs namin ni Ebe yang bandang yan, sobra.

- - - - -

I think I'll be listening to Counting Crows tonight...

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