Wednesday, August 03, 2005

MiG will rock you!

Rockstar:INXS, 08/04/05
(And the obsession continues...)

Mig - We Will Rock You, Queen
What can I say? I'm loving this guy! Go Mig!!! Rock us indeed!

Deanna - I'm the Only One, Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge pala yung kumanta nun. Galing, ngayon ko lang naappreciate si Deanna. She really worked up the crowd, and INXS and Dave as well. And she elicited the wittiest hirit of the night (see below).

Marty - With Arms Wide Open, Creed
Dave said his performance of "With Arms Wide Open" was the best he's seen for that song (so I guess he's no Creed fan either, hehehe). INXS loved it was well. But somehow, I didn't dig it. I like Marty though. I can't seem to put my finger on it, but he surely reminds me of someone...

Ty - Everlong, Foo Fighters
Uh oh. I guess he was rightly apprehensive about doing Everlong - a song he's never heard before. Sayang. The band and Dave didn't diss him though.

Jessica - Blister In The Sun, Violent Femmes
Oh ok, she did well with Blister in the Sun. I guess I'm starting to not dislike her.

Brandon - If You Could Only See, Tonic
I remember liking Brandon before, pero parang 'wala lang' siya ngayon. I love "If You Could Only See", and I didn't like how he did it, much the same with how he did "Hard to Handle", which I also love.

Jordis - Man Who Sold the World, David Bowie
I got goosebumps. Dave and INXS had nothing but praise for this dreadlocked rock chick. "So far, Jordis could do no wrong" indeed.

J.D. - The Letter, Joe Cocker
I wasn't familiar with the song, so I'm not sure if he did it justice. Though from what I saw, JD did well. I just find his stage moves awkward, manic JD seems to be back. Nevertheless, mukhang nabawi naman niya yung disastrous Champions stint niya last week.

Tara - Message in a Bottle, The Police
It wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular either. Ang masasabi ko lang is that this gal's flexible. She may not really shine like MiG, Jordis, or Ty do, but in my opinion she never really sucked in any genre. In fact, her take on Black Sabbath's "Paranoid", which landed her in the bottom three, was actually a good one.

Suzie - Get Back, The Beatles
Kinda laid back rendition. Dave and INXS praised it; I'd have preferred it more energetic. "Get back!" Suzie rocks, anyway. I hope she stays longer.

- - - - -

Hirits for the night:

Tim to MiG: After what J.D. did to "We Are the Champions", Brian May and the members of Queen will be really happy you did that (sabay focus ng cam kay J.D.) offense J.D.! *snicker*

Dave to Deanna: You're sister's here? And you held it together? *lol*

DJ to Dave: My sister says hello.

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