Thursday, August 18, 2005

Oooh baby I love your way - Encore! (Updated)

Baket pa kasi may pasok di sana live telecast mapapanood ko, hehehe...

Was bloghopping when I discovered these awesome finds!

Vids of Week6 performances by Marty, Jordis, and MiG!
Thanks sooo much to for these great stuff (just 'Right Click' and 'Save As'):
(Pics are actually from, but the vids are from

Photo from
Marty's Baby One More Time

Photo from
Jordis' Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Photo from
MiG's Baby I Love Your Way

Though MiG stumbled on the last notes, this was definitely a stellar performance. I was rendered *speechless*, as opposed to me jumping and clapping after Marty's and Jordis' performances.

- - - - -

Postscript: So MiG *did* end up doing the encore - plus Jordis and Marty! =D He was gracious enough to let his fellow top Rockstars join him for the encore. Awww, how sweet!

(Photo from, video from

Photo from
MiG's encore, with Jordis and Marty

Week 6 Elimination Show Recap from
Jessica, who has been in the bottom three so often she should be paying rent, is pretty sanguine about her station. "I feel like a pro," she tells Brooke...


jem said...

thanks for the links dacs! :)

tseri said...

oo nga! yey! i'm a fan too. half-day ako kahapon just to watch the via-satellite show. :D shucks! i was hoping they'll eliminate j.d. and suzie na.