Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Oooh baby I love your way

Blogging as I'm watching the *best* Rockstar:INXS episode ever...

Reality Show Recap, 08/16/05

Parang lalong lumalabas na planted obnoxious guy si JD, hehehe. I'd hate him to the bones, if only he didn't show any sliver of talent. Magaling din siya eh, it's just that he's got an attitude problem. Aba, rockstar nga, hehehe. (No, but really I don't believe in that rockstar-asshole-stereotype...not with our local rockers at least.)

Performance Show Recap, 08/17/05

String section! Astig! Didn't know much of the songs though, hehe.

Jordis - Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Bob Dylan
My gaaaaad! Jordis is waaaaay cool! I loooved her take on Knockin' on Heaven's Door! Astig! (Hehehe, ang daaaaaming vowels ah) :P

Jessica - Torn, Natalie Imbruglia (actually it was written and originally recorded by LA band Ednaswap)
I freakin love that song to pieces. High school days eh. And for me, Jessica's version sucked. Sorry. I'd really like to see her out of this show already. Tagal na niyang sumasablay eh. Could the guy votes be keeping her there?

Ty - Maggie, Rod Stewart
Ty's good as usual. Though still doesn't change my opinion about him not fitting in with INXS.

Suzie - Bring It On Home To Me, Sam Cooke
I still don't understand why she was in last week's bottom three. Ang ganda ganda kaya nung Losing My Religion niya! This week was another awesome performance. Upakan ko na yang mga voters na yan kung ma-bottom three pa ulit siya this week.

Marty - Baby One More Time, yes, the one by Britney Spears
Hahaha, puro kamot-ulo siya during the vidclip intro to his performance. Man, that was the most rockin Baby One More Time I've heard. I'm starting to like this guy now :P

Deanna - I Can't Make You Love Me, Bonnie Raitt
I dunno the song...but isn't she out of tune? Hmmm, she'll be in the bottom three for sure, if not the one leaving tomorrow.

JD - As Tears Go By, Rolling Stones
Didn't like it much. I guess di ko rin kasi alam yung kanta.

Mig - Baby I Love Your Way, Peter Frampton
If *THAT* doesn't earn him the Encore tomorrow...I'll...I dunno what I'll do! And if Mig DOES do the Encore...then that could prolly mean his wife would be visiting the Mansion!!! OMG, that'll definitely be the best moment for MiG...syet, ako yung naeexcite para sa kanya hehehe. If that'll be the case, then the song choice for him this week was sooobrang swak! ...An INXS member (ay sorry, dunno their names still) said that that performance made him proud to be Australian...well, ALL of MiG's performances have made me proud to be a Filipino! Go MiG! Darn it, win that contest, will ya! Wooohooo! (Hyper...) :D

Hirits for the night:

Dave to Jordis: It is such an honor to be on this planet watching a star being born. (Huwow!)

Dave to MiG: ...(as MiG was performing) all I could think about was how much I love my wife...
(And at that moment I'm pretty sure MiG was just really thinkin about his wife back in London, too. Haaay, ka-emote naman 'to! :P) ...
...because [JD] only wants to attach his name to something of quality, he's just going to bow out. "That's not being in a band," Jordis tells him. "We're not in a band," J.D. reminds her. "We're competing to be in a band."
Elegantly hip in a hairstyle that makes her resemble Gwen Stefani, she starts the song like a lounge singer, leaning against the piano but ends it in a powerful pop-soul mode, using all of her vocal power like a more restrained Mariah Carey.

Didn't catch the show? Check out their Week6 performances here:

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