Friday, August 26, 2005

This is our last goodbye.

"This is our last goodbye..."

Ito LSS ko kagabi, sabay pinatugtog ni Trish on NU this morning as I was getting ready for Wolf's funeral.

"Just hear this and then I'll go..."

Just wanna say my last words about Wolf. Time to move on and live life to the fullest, just like he did.

- - - - -

It was an overcast Thursday when Wolfmann was finally laid to rest in Manila Memorial Park dito sa Paranaque.

A mass was held at 9am, followed by some words from his loved ones. I'm not sure if it's right to post them here. It's just that what Wolf's family (his mom in particular) had to say were so beautiful and meaningful, gusto ko sana i-share sa kung sino man ang nais makinig. If ever anyone thinks na hindi ko dapat isulat ang mga ito dito, just let me know :)

- - - - -

One of Wolf's sisters played Wolf's first ever jamming session. There I was expecting some raw-sounding guitar riffs or other whatnot, sabay biglang tinugtog yung sounds:

"The wise man built his house upon the rock, the wise man built his house upon the rock..."

in the cutest baby voices ever (dalawa ata sila ni Wolf nung sis niya singing). Sabay in between verses, humihirit si Wolf ng "Brsssh brsssh". Sabi ng ate niya, bata palang si Wolf, mahilig na talaga sa instrumentals/effects :P

- - - - -

His mom didn't prepare any speech, but simply asked Wolf to help her with what she was supposed to say.

Three things - obedience, love/peace(?) and reconciliation, and passion.

Obedience. Ever since, Wolf always wanted to just make music. But his family would tell him to prioritize his studies. Wolf would ask, "Eh kelan ako pwede magbanda?", wherein his parents would answer, "Kapag may degree ka na." And Wolf, understanding that his parents just wanted what was best for him, obeyed his parents' wishes, and successfully obtained a college degree. At ayun, nagawa rin niyang tuparin yung pangarap niyang maging musikero.

Love (or was that peace?) and reconciliation. Wolf's mom said Wolf was the peacemaker in the family. He didn't want anybody fighting, and it was he who would always try to patch things up between folks. Naalala ko tuloy yung naikwento ng isa sa mga Starmart Crew (si Cris ata yun?) about Wolf mediating between Nato and the rest of the Revolver Crew during one prod.

Passion. This last part was the one that affected and inspired me most. Truly, as Manong Vin said the previous night, Wolf lived and breathed music. Vin added that up to the last moments of Wolf's waking hours, the mann was celebrating the beauty of music (Rockestra's awesome outcome, in particular). Wolf's mom also acknowledged that her son's passion was the music. He would make his own music, and at the same time help his friends and other musicians in improving and believing in their craft. Wolf is one of the prime movers of the underground Electronica scene. He just kept on doing his thing, because that was what he believed in. Wolfmann and his work will definitely continue to be an inspiration to many.

- - - - -

Wolf's family is requesting us to join them in their 9-day novena for him:

Here is the novena prayer for Wolfmann, don't forget to pray this novena every 8pm till August 30/05 (and beyond if you so wish):

Lord, help us to see death for what it really is,
the end of poverty, and the beginning of riches;
the end of frustration, and the beginning of fulfillment;
the end of weakness, and the beginning of strength.

Let not grief overwhelm us nor a sense of loss embitter us.
Out of our sadness, let there arise a new joy
for so much that has been given to us.
Cast out our fears and let not our hearts be troubled.
Let Your spirit of peace come alive within our experience
of hurt, sorrow and isolation,
of our sadness today, and our loneliness tomorrow.

We humbly commend to You Wilfrid Andrew,
Whom You have called out of this mortal life.
You loved him always with great love.
Now that You have freed him from all pains of this earth
Bring him into Your paradise
Where there is no more grief, or mourning, or sadness,
But peace and joy with Your son and the Holy Spirit forever.

We thank You for all the blessings
You have given to Andrew in his mortal life.
We pray that he may be able to glorify You
With the life that he lived
And by the way he made use of Your blessings.

Lord, may we never forget that life is short and uncertain.
Let Your spirit guide us in holiness, justice and service
To our brothers and sisters.

We pray for the healing of all unhappy feelings
Andrew's death now leaves in our hearts.
Be with us, Lord, during our moments of sorrow and loneliness.
You are our rock, our fortress and our strength.
We trust in You and hope in your glorious resurrection.
We lift to you our grief and sorrow, confident that
You will change our mourning into rejoicing
That our beloved Andrew now rests in your peace.


- - - - -

Wolf was buried not far from where my Lolo and my Uncle Dickie are. Bumisita nga ako kay Lolo after Wolf's burial. Na-badtrip lang ako kasi hindi na naalagaan yung lugar ni Lolo, puro basura tas dry na yung grass, and in some places exposed na yung cracked na lupa. I just said hi to Lolo, who passed away when I was 8. His was the first funeral that I attended. Kinuwento ko kay Lolo that Wolf was just there sa kabilang area, and pa-hi nalang pag nameet niya sa Heaven.

At least pag bibisita kami kay Lolo and Uncle Dickie, I could also easily visit Wolf. And maybe me and my cousins would finally find Rico Yan's and Ninoy Aguino's resting places. Hehe. Yun kasi libangan namin tuwing Araw ng Patay :P

- - - - -

Just a thought...Na-meet na kaya ni Wolf si Pope John Paul? Inggit ako, hehehe.

- - - - -

Kakatugtog lang sa MTV VH1 Collection a while ago...

"Make my way back home and learn to fly."


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