Wednesday, September 21, 2005


September 14, 2005. At home, sick.

That's the only birthday I could remember that I spent sickly. Pero masaya naman kasi tinawagan ako ng homeroom/advisory class ko to greet me :)

So anyway, back to work the next day. Little did I know, though, that September 15 would be an extra extra special day for me...

At around 12 noon, Jerome (of Ilang-Ilang '07, my advisory class last year) came into the Bio Unit and asked if I was busy. I was blindfolded and led to the backlobby where the rest of Ilang '07 was waiting to greet me Happy Birthday! They aren't classmates anymore, so I was touched that they sought out their common break to spend a few minutes with their former adviser.

But it wasn't just any was actually a Take Two of what they did last year! Hindi kasi nila nalaman in time for Bio na birthday ko nung araw na yun, so 'bumawi' sila the next day. Hinarana nila ako ng "Huling El Bimbo" sa backlob (they knew I LOVED the Eheads), and they bought a super duper yummy Red Ribbon Chocolate Cake. Later that afternoon, matapos ang mga klase nila, we went to the caf to eat the cake. Grabe, parang mga patay gutom, hindi pinatawad ang bawat crumb ng cake. LOL!

So yun nga, yung ginawa nila this year was a Take Two, kumpleto pa rin with the harana and the cake :P Astig, tuwang-tuwa ako. I went through my classes that afternoon with a smile on my face.

- - - - -

What I didn't know was that there was another surprise waiting for me...

My current homeroom class - Camia '08 - also had a special something prepared for me. Pagkastart ng Bio period namin, kumanta sila ng Happy Birthday, at binigyan ako ng gitara! :D And when I excitedly opened the guitar case to check out their gift, I saw that all of them had scribbled a birthday greeting on the guitar. Ang sweet noh? :)

- - - - -

Grabe, ito na siguro yung dahilan kung ba't ako nagtuturo. It feels great to know that I am appreciated, that somehow I can touch other people's lives and make a difference. My students really made my birthday extra special. At na-extend pa siya hehehe.

Sa Ilang '07 and Camia '08, a very big hug and thanks for your presents! At sa lahat narin ng Pisay folk na bumati sa akin, THANK YOU! :) :) :)

Ilang-Ilang '07 happily devouring the chocolate cake :P

The guitar Camia '08 gave me, amidst the mess on my bed :D


Earthbound Angel said... lang! :D

alam mo ngayon na nasa tamang propesyon ka! good for you! :D

JAm said...

ang sweet naman!!ÜÜÜ

jem said...

bat sa kin alang nagreregalo ng gitara?

belated, dacs. rock.