Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The Gallagher brothers are the only rockstar brats I can stand.

With that said, let me just add that I am utterly disappointed sa results ng Rockstar:INXS. I've been raving about this show since I (accidentally) caught the first ep. I've been cheering for MiG for so long - in my mind, siya na nga talaga yung bagong INXS frontman.

But no, siya pa yung natanggal sa final three. And, though I acknowledge that he may not indeed be right for INXS (mas pop nga naman siya kaysa rock), I was still heartbroken kasi, siyempre, kapwa Pinoy yun making his mark on the global stage. And in the end, wala rin pala.

Anyway, if and when MiG comes out with an album, whether solo or in a band, I'll prolly grab a copy. Sana nga maglabas siyang album. Tagal ko nang hinihintay yung kay Camille Velasco pero wala naman. And, no, I'm not into Jasmine Trias so kahit may album out na siya, I'm not interested hehe.

As for the result of Rockstar INXS, yun nga, disappointed ako. Would've wanted Marty to win, if not MiG.

I've mentioned this before already - JD's got talent, that's for sure. Trip ko nga yung "Pretty Vegas" eh. He's got looks (he actually reminds me of Eric Bana - though di ko trip si Eric Bana so JD doesn't charm me either). But, darn, he's got an attitude, too! And LOTS of it! He has sucked up to INXS onstage (thus sparking some ill feelings among the rest of the contestants). And he has shown his unprofessionalism (there's such a word, right?) one too many times. If I were part of the band, I wouldn't want to handle that kind of person. Sakit lang sa ulo yun. But then of course maybe it was JD's talent that they focused on and not his bratty side. So there, gaya ng sinabi sa, "the MB-plant won after all", and "good luck nalang sa kanila" =P

Well, at least they all got brand new Honda Civics. *Wow*

Sana Marty also continues with his career. Trip ko siya. Rocker na nice guy with the mystifying 'smoky eyes' (as Ninna put it).

I really didn't like it na JD won (sorry JD fans!). INXS just lost a fan-to-be.

Panira ng araw. Buti nalang tapos na araw ko nung mapanood ko 'to, hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just surfing around and i found your site. I barely watched the show (INXS) and i was also disappointed at who won. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of INXS. I just hear 'em when my parents play them.

I wish Jasmine would just disappear. There are others that are better than her, like Camile. Have you heard her new single? It's pretty good, and it's more real than that whole "excuses" crap that jasmine put out.

- d a c s - said...

Hey thanks for dropping by!

I didn't know Camile had a single out already. Haven't heard that yet this side of the world. I do hope she puts out an album soon.