Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ebe's homecoming

Was able to catch Ebe's MTV Homecoming episode, grabe, natuwa ako sobra. Ebe's Batch93 sa UP Rural High sa Los Banos (thus his heartfelt Los Banos song from the first album). Ang ganda nung pagkagawa nung ep, natuwa ako para kay Ebe. I have this thing pa naman for high school. Kita mo nga't I'm back in my own alma mater eh ;)

For those who wanna see that MTV Homecoming ep of Ebe, it will be aired again on Saturday, Oct28, 6pm :)

- - - - -

Speaking of homecoming, I've long wanted to stage an alumni bandfest sa Pisay :P I'm thinking pwede siguro sa Homecoming 2006...we'll invite Pisay alumni who have bands to come play in Pisay for the current students and for alumni and non-Pisay folk as well. Para naman makita ng lahat ang pride of Pisay, pride of Samapi :D

- - - - -

Haaay, miss ko pa rin si Asti. Came home today from work, plopped on the sofa, and wholeheartedly wished I could still see Asti climb up on the couch for her "Welcome Home" pet.

- - - - -

Currently loving this CD: Paul Anka's Rock Swings (click and scroll down for samples).


Earthbound Angel said...

astig yan! alumni bandfest! =)

jem said...

sama ako jan, dacs.

Anonymous said...

hi ma'am. :) nikki here. ngayon lang ulit ako nakabasa ng blog nyo. hehehe. :)

astig. :P pisay bandfest. naisip ko na rin yan eh. tas i was thinking of making that our other activity this year aside from the fair concert and battle.. if ever there's time, anyway.

i was thinking something like a samapi reunion/homecoming na rin since most of the alumni with bands were probably samapi members anyway. wala lang. ayun. :)

- d a c s - said...

yepyep, sana nga we can get this pisay alumni bandfest thing going na.

nikki - let's see if we've got time, planuhin natin. good idea noh? :)

angel, jem - dali, hakot na ng mga kabatch na may banda! oh, btw, preferably the ones with orig songs ;)

deessah.ΓΌ said...


i got to watch ebe's homecoming sa mtv kanina.. (nov. 4) asteeg. napalabas pa rin kahit uber "late" na po.

bandfest. :D sana matuloy at sana may time. that would be cool!