Sunday, October 30, 2005

Batch 2008 goes to Subic

Fun (but tiring!) way to start the long break: Batch 2008's outbound educational trip this year was in Subic, facilitated by Lakbay Kalikasan and SBMA.

Bus One (Adelfa + Camia) folks

At JEST Camp, watching a demo on survival training. Was pleasantly surprised to see that the Lakbay Kalikasan facilitator from Bus Two (Champaca + Dahlia) was Eyds (crouching guy in gray shirt, right side) a orgmate of mine from the UP Zoological Society.

Here's a vidclip on starting fire using bamboo and nothing else: Right click here and "Save Target As". (3.97mb, 1min31sec)

One of the interesting sights at JEST camp: biology in action, c/o two butterflies, hehe.

Before this pic, this bird was busy eating some bread. Eh nahulog nung nagpic kami. After nun, ayaw na raw magpakuha ng pic yung ibon, hehehe. Btw, that's my yellow (d-uh) Twisted Halo shirt. Cool noh? (Plugging) :P

Bus One people

Camia '08

Inside a bunker that the Americans used to store ammo

The faculty fooling around on the mangrove beach while the kids were having fun in the water

Mardan (Pisay 2000), Dacs (Pisay '98), and Ame (Pisay '96) were in Subic just 5 months ago, thanks to Mrs. Jet Chan and her daughter Kat. They sponsored Ilang-Ilang '07's (my advisory's) summer class outing. Mardan, Ame, and I were the lucky teachers who went with the kids.

Menggai (Ma'am Cheng to us '98 folks!), Nino, and Dacs - the Bio 1 teachers (minus Ma'am Docto - she has 3rd year classes so she couldn't go).

Mangrove seedlings amidst the incoming tide. Hehe, feeling artistic shot. Pagbigyan niyo na.

LOTS MORE pics here.

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