Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Express blogging

Tidbits on my mind - stuff I've gone through/encountered these past few toxic days.

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In the news:

It won't be Van Halen for the next Rockstar reality show.
Kinasal na pala si Christina Aguilera.
Pat Morita (Karate Kid's Mr. Miyagi) has died.
Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson call it quits.

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Music updates:

Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" (lyrics) is such a beautifully painful song.

Nakita ko na yung Switch album (listen to samplers here) ng INXS sa Tower Records. It kinda hurt to see JD there instead of Marty or MiG. Pero bagay nga siya sa INXS. Saw the vid too - "Pretty Vegas" is indeed a cool song, nasty though its history may be :P

From Peyups.com:
the up underground cd sampler is now available at the as walk, or 'pag wala na ang booth..punta lang kayo casaa.. it has ten songs featuring the brew, giniling festival, chubibo, slow dive, matilda, sacramento, la passionaria, oi wag dito, aizo, delta joy!!! sulit na sulit sa halagang 100 pesos lang!!! text 09195626039 kung trip n'yo 'to.

1. Oi Wag Dito - Big Love
2. The Brew - Para Lang
3. Aizo - Nababaliw na ang Payaso
4. La Passionaria - Bayan Ko
5. Matilda - Asin at Sugat
6. Chubibo - Insomniac
7. Giniling Festival - Tsong
8. Slow Dive - Pieces of April
9. Deltajoy - Metro Manila
10. Sacramento - From the Underground

From Fuseboxx.com:

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I finally got to watch Goblet of Fire, so I can't help but post this:

Potter kids' publicity shot for Sorcerer's Stone - Aren't they sooo cuuute???

Potter teens at the Goblet of Fire premiere - Just lovely ;)

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