Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Constantine and marriage

Just finishin Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps" before I start this post. Hehehe, I definitely dig that vid. Sabi nga ni Andrew, kala niya some cheapipay novelty group yung kumanta - BEP pala. Only they could get away with sumthin like that :P

- - - - -

Ok, so I'm devoting a bit more time for longer posts. Btw, did I catch yer attention with this entry's title? Hehehe...

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A long time ago (hehe), I got to watch Constantine at the Alabang Town Center. I'm no Connie fan, but I do admit it was entertaining to watch the guy - he does know how to work the crowd. I situated myself at the 3rd floor since I arrived late so wala nang space sa 1st and 2nd floors. Buti nalang kasi sa 3rd floor service elevator siya dumaan before going to the Activity Center downstairs so I got to take a good pic of him arriving at ATC.

He performed a good lot of songs, most of which he performed on AI. He even danced with a gal onstage during one of the songs - turns out it was Arnee Hidalgo. Hehehe, di ko nakilala from the 3rd floor. No wonder Jeffrey Hidalgo was there during the autograph signing session.

That evening Stalker Mode was definitely on. Just before Constantine was about to leave ATC, I thought about where his exit point would be, and so I headed for the mall entrance near Philux. Right enough, Constantine's van was already waiting there. So I positioned myself to get another good pic just a few seconds before I saw him walking towards the exit, followed by a crowd of security folks and giggling gals.

As Constantine passed by, he flashed a peace sign and posed for my waiting camera. Alas, my finger didn't get to push the shutter button, so no pic for me. Dang. Nagpose pa man din siya. Pffft.

- - - - -

Wow, this is the first time a wedding invite is actually addressed to ME (and Andrew), and not to my family tapos tag-along lang ako.

My friends and batchmates Ramil and Andrea (congrats, you two!!!) are getting married on December 17 (the 4th Pisay '98 couple to tie the knot, tama ba?), so Drew and I went to Rustan's ATC to check out their Bridal Registry.

Along the way, we bump into Faye, who has a little surprise of her own for us. Hoy bruha, I am so very happy for you *hug*

When Drew and I get to Rustan's, we see another surprise. Lying there on one of the tables was the Bridal Registry of Manuel Legarda and his wife (they just got married over the weekend)! Hehe, yep, nakakakalat lang dun yung printout ng registry nila. Drew and I had half the mind to just pocket the darn paper hahaha. Big Wolfgang fans, you see.

Oh man...there goes that line again - "Oh my gosh, tumatanda na tayo!" It was kinda surreal for Drew and I to check out a bridal registry, LOL :P

And, although I know it's bad, I always get kinda jealous when couples who have been together for a shorter time compared to Drew and I get married. Hehehe. Kung hindi lang siguro mahal magpakasal...

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