Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Last for tonight :P

Just forgot to mention these in my previous post.

Currently tripping on:

Rockstar:INXS - A Night at the Mayan Theater
The Rockstar:INXS CD - a recording of the 15 rockers' first performances. Notable tracks include Jordis' Baba O' Riley, Deanna's Piece of My Heart, and Suzie's Remedy (even if she forgot the lyrics). Bonus tracks include Jordis' moving Man Who Sold the World, and MiG's exceptional Baby I Love Your Way.

Killer Queen - A Tribute to Queen
Ok, I bought this when Constantine was in town. So sue me :D Reviews on Amazon.com aren't great, as most of the artists apparently ventured very far from the originals. I can't really tell 'cause, apart from Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, and the more popular Queen songs, I don't really know much about them :D

I finally got my hands on Fuseboxx's self-titled, long-overdue, debut album. These 2003 Redhorse Muziklaban champs really got it going in the prog rock department! Astig isipin na kaya rin ito ng Pinoy. Coolness.

Urbandub - Embrace
Urbandub's 3rd offering is already in the record stores. Go get it!!! Here's what music critic Cris Ramos has to say about the album:

Listening to the tracks from Urbandub’s upcoming album Embrace, it’s apparent that they took the issues “of selling out” and “moving out of the indies to join the majors” issue real seriously. Be prepared to be disappointed if you’re: a). close-minded and b). expecting Influence part deux. (Read more...)

As for me, I crush Gabby pa rin hehehe :P

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