Tuesday, November 29, 2005

UP kong mahal

3rd post for tonight. Man, I've been away from this for too long :P

And I'm blogging now about the reason for my absence.

For the past week, I've spent 6pm to 9pm at the Ateneo for my classes in Environmental Standards and Technologies. La namang problema dun, although from Tuesday to Friday I also had to attend the GLOBE teacher training program in Pisay/Manila Bay so pagdating sa gabi medyo pagod na hehe. Buti nalang kadamay ko diyan si Mel (Pisay '94) and Ame (Pisay '96), my co-teachers and Ateneo classmates.

Anyways, so there, miss ko tuloy Ateneo classmates ko kasi I've been seeing them daily from Monday to Saturday of the previous week. Ngayon we're back to our regular sked of Saturday classes - Environmental Risk Assessment pag 9am-12nn, then Standards at 1-4pm.

Last sem's EM240 class (well, most of us, at least).

Problema sa whole day Saturday classes is that lately laging may kasabay. Nov 19 and Dec 3, make-up classes sa Pisay. Dec 10, seminar ko sa UP. Dec 17, kasal nina Ramil and Andrea. Hehehe. Marami-raming absent na 'to ah.

- - - - -

There are a lot of things I like about studying in Ateneo.

Great facilities, safe environment, buildings not far apart, lots of good-looking people. I get to see a lot of musicians - and that's a nice trip for me since I'm a self-confessed rocker-stalker, right? So far I've seen Yael of Spongecola, Tedmark of Happymeals, Yan of Pupil, Bryan(?) of Dicta License, and Kelley of Kjwan/Dicta License. Some sa campus ko mismo nakita, yung iba sa Starbucks Katips, which is a cool place to hangout, especially if you've got work to cram hehehe.

Latte and ferns

- - - - -

And yet...

My home is still the University of the Philippines :) Nuthin would beat the 5 years (hehe, may extrang isa :D ) I spent there as an undegrad.

So many memories. The jampacked classrooms. The vandalized bathroom walls. The ubiquitous fishball stands. The ancient laboratories. The phychem lessons I just don't get. Having picnics beside the track oval. Tambay on the CASAA steps the whole day. Hanging out with ZS or MBBS friends. Getting senti in the Sunken Garden. Bonding with friends in nearby watering holes (hehe). The unforgettable UP Fairs.

- - - - -

Ateneo's a great school (expensive though the tuition may be), but I don't get that homey feeling that I experienced in UP.

I remember the Saturday I found out that Wolfmann was in a coma. That was in the middle of my group's report sa Ateneo. I got a text from Belle saying she heard the news on NU. I walked out of the room to call Klara and Vin to confirm the news. Til now, I associate those 2nd floor walkways with the sadness of that news.

After lunch with my classmates, I hitched with LT to UP and spent some moments alone on the CASAA steps to digest reality. Somehow, the place provided me with the comfort I was looking for.

That's UP for me. She's beautiful in moments of either joy or sadness.

UP the best. UP astig! :)


Jeff Pioquinto,SJ said...

hey there. just passin by. i enjoyed reading your blog. nice one. hope you'll feel at home in ateneo somehow. thanks and God bless.

- d a c s - said...

hi! salamat po for dropping by. it's just my 2nd sem at admu so i can get to know the ateneo a bit more i guess :)

you shoot great pics! i'm a fan of photography too.