Friday, December 09, 2005

Fearless forecast: '96 vs '98

This Sunday, 2:00 pm, at the PSHS Multi-Purpose Gymnasium, it's gonna be

these guys

Batch '96 at the 2003 PABL


these guys

Batch '98 at the 2003 PABL

Who's gonna be 2005's Pisay Alumni Basketball League Champion???

Here's a fearless forecast of Sunday's '96 vs. '98 game, by Commissioner Arrow Armena '91:

Will 98 Finally Be Crowned Champions or Will 96 Get Championship No. 2?

Here's a breakdown analysis of the Championship Game:


98 relies on its fullcourt press to offset their height disadvantage. But will it work against The Answer and the rest of the 96guards?96 plays a solid halfcourt defense anchored on the league's top shotblocker, Peng "KG" Manlapaz. Usually, only one player pesters the other team's guardsand the rest stays down inside the paint. But in terms of hustle plays, 98 has shown that they are the hungriest team this year while 96 tends to relax.

Advantage: 98


98 relies heavily on Millertime Hombre to produce the points. After shooting over the 6-footers of 91, Millertime should have an easier time against the smaller 96..... unless KG Manlapaz gets his usual 5 blocks per game or dagain si Karlo. Acain, Pinlac and Farolan should step up their offensive games in this one.96 has lots of offensive power coming from everywhere. It can thrive on the halfcourt game and also loves to push the ball and get easy baskets in transition. The Answer can score all over the court when needed and KG has mastered his medium-range jumpshot. If they turn cold, 96 has snipers in Duran, Pazziugan, Nuesa and Consulta.

Advantage: 96


98 has been in the Finals only once in 7 years.....and lost a close one to 91 in that game. If the game boils down to the last 2 minutes,who will they turn to for leadership? Will Millertime be able to deliver?KG Manlapaz is the vocal leader of 96 and the players listen to him. The Answer has already proven time and again that down the stretch, he can deliver. This team has already beaten 91 and the Legend Batch '85 in theFinals and Semis before.

Advantage: 96


No doubt 98 is the hungrier team. They hustle in every play and go for loose balls the whole of 40 minutes. Pinlac will make sure that they will fight to the finish in this game.96 breezed through the elimination phase and semis without a single Loss.They are the only team that WON all of their games so far....with ease. KG must find a way to get his teammates to play with more intensity in theFinals.

Advantage: 98

Fearless Forecast: If the game is decided by 4pts or less, 96 will win. If it's decided by 5 or more points, 98 will get its first taste of theChampionship.

See you all on Sunday, 2pm.

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