Thursday, December 08, 2005

I love the Eheads!

Awww...Just caught the vid of Huling El Bimbo on MYX. Syeeeeeeeeeet! Nakakamiss na talaga ang Eheads!!! :(

I still don't have the Jam tribute album. La pakong panahon pumuntang record store hehehe.

Grabe...ang gwapo gwapo ni Ely Buendia dun sa vid! Haaay, forever crush ko na siya. Naalala ko tuloy when I saw him in ATC when Constantine was there. Hehehe, bigla talaga akong na-detour because I followed him and Eon for quite some time :P Hindi ko nga lang sila nakita ng harapan, hehe.

The 90's was a great time to grow up, if only to have the Eheads as the soundtrack of my life (nung 2000's, Sugarfree na eh).

And now, some 10 years after, their music and their spirit lives on. Sana pag nagkaanak ako, maappreciate pa rin nila yung Eheads, maintindihan nila bakit napakahalaga ng Eheads sa tugtugang Pinoy. Natutuwa nga ako pag may naririnig pa akong Pisay kids na kumakanta ng Eheads eh - they were little babies when those songs were released :P

- - - - -

Eheads and Pisay - yup, there's a connection somehow.

Manhid - a play written back in the mid90's (I think), kung para saan isinulat ang kantang Kailan. The play was written (or directed - I don't really know the details here, hehe) by Aureus Solito, a Pisay alumnus (from the 80's), and the same guy who directed the highly acclaimed
Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros(!).

Manhid was staged in Pisay, under the direction of Sir Tips Akalal (Pisay '89), featuring a cast from Batches '99 (then freshies) to '96 (then seniors). Raimund and Buddy actually came to watch Manhid sa 3rd floor Audi. Dami sa audience nagpapirma nun nung mga inlay ng cassette tapes nila, hehe (yeah, cassette pa nun!). Sayang lang, sa ibang gabi ako nanood.

Aureus Solito was also the director of Ang Huling El Bimbo, which won the Eheads the first ever Best Asian Video (or however you call that award) sa MTV. They went to New York to accept the award, where Marcus proudly proclaimed, "Mabuhay ang Noypi!" :)

- - - - -

Now that I think about it, I realize how very much honored I am to have been personally introduced to two of our very own Fab Four - Raimund and Buddy.

In September 2004, Samapi held its very first Kwentuhan Sessions featuring Twisted Halo. Doon ko nakilala sina Raimund and Buddy (we've been introduced before, but I think it was because of that Samapi gig na naalala na nila ko thereafter :P ).

Raimund is this awe-inspiring individual- what with all his musical endeavors: Cambio, Squid9, Pedicab, SVC, etc etc etc. I think I should take lessons from him - guitar lessons, drum lessons, dance lessons, voice (rap?) lessons, time management lessons... :D

Samapi gave Buddy that shirt! Kaso sayang, nawala na raw niya, someone took it :P

Si Buddy naman soooper doooper sweet guy. I was sorta panicking and nervous and stuff during that first ever Kwentuhan Session. Extra pressure pa kasi syet si Buddy Zabala naimbita ko sa Pisay! So I approached him and asked if there was anything they needed pa or if there was anything I could do to help. And he simply told me 'Don't worry Dacs, everything's fine' or something to that effect. Basta, when you talk to this guy, hindi mo marerealize na isang musical god ang kausap mo kasi he's super down-to-earth, no bad-ass rockstar attitude whatsoever. Sa lahat ng nakilala kong local musician, si Buddy na siguro yung pinaka-in-awe ako pag kausap ko.

- - - - -

Haaay, nakakamiss ang Eheads.


Earthbound Angel said...

haay...pisay...eheads...manhid...nakakamiss ang kabataan natin, hehehe! ;p

Anonymous said...

hi! this is auraeus solito.

im actually... deeply ... thinking of directing
M A N H i D
as my next feature film.

- d a c s - said...


nawindang ako! si auraeus solito napadpad sa blog ko! (syet, mali pala spelling ko ng pangalan niya :P )

salamat po sa pagdaan dito sir! yes please, do go on with MANHID!

that'd also be one helluva soundtrack to put together too ;)