Monday, February 06, 2006

Highschool rock

Was at the Xavier School fair gig last Saturday night. Twas nice to meet Andrew's co-teachers, though I'm pretty sure I've forgotten their names or faces already (so sorry, I'm really bad at that).

Ang daming tao dun grabe! But it was a sit-down kinda thing so medyo sedate yung mood nung gig. Urbandub rocked the place though, which made me really glad and amused because I saw that kilala ng kids yung banda. Gabby Alipe was very appreciative of the little mosh pit in front of him, he thanked them quite a number of times and called them astig. And they did a bit of an encore - Sailing! I really really really looove Urbandub!!! Lalay Lim's such a cool lady bassist, and her back-up vocals so noticeable this time around. John Dinopol's a kick-ass guitarist with an astig rocker aura. John Mendoza's beats are really smashing in the new album. And of course Gabby whom I crush - chubby cheeks, twin dimples, cool scar, wonderful vocal skill, and superb songwriting.

And of course the gals got all squeally when Hale started playing. I admit I appreciate Hale. I liked them the first time I ever heard them, back in January 2005, so why hate them now just because a lot of folks think it's baduy to like them right? They make really easy-to-appreciate melodies, though the songwriting has sooo much to improve (and I do hope it does). They covered Mr. Brightside, which I just downloaded the night before. I got to appreciate that song after Marty Casey performed it acoustic on Rockstar:INXS. (Speaking of Marty, wala pa bang Lovehammers album sa Pinas?! Magkakaroon nga kaya dito nun?!)

The other bands were great - Orange and Lemons, Kjwan (I like the new song - Pintura), Brownman Revival (now I'm seriously thinking of getting their album na - they're one of the few reggae bands I appreciate now), Dicta License, Bamboo.

So there, my second high school gig for the year. College gig naman sunod - UP Fair!!! Sana nga makapunta ako. Medyo dami ng restrictions sa sked eh :(

- - - - -

I haven't gotten to processing the RockIt pics yet, but here's one from the lot:

A couple of (mababaw na) regrets from RockIt:
- di ko napanood nang matino ang Giniling Festival, Blazing Bulalakaws, and the other early bands
- I didn't get backstage pics
- di ko man lang nakausap si Boogie Romero of Kjwan, at si Louie Talan of Kapatid

It was quite amusing to see the ladies get all excited when Yael Yuzon arrived with the rest of Sponge Cola :P As for me, kay Karl Roy ako na-starstruck :D Besides, it's Yan Yuzon that I'm after and not his kid bro, hehe. Speaking of Yan, ang dalas ko siya makita sa Starbucks Katipunan. Teacher pala siya sa Ateneo. Cool. Another band guy I always see sa Starbucks is Bryan Makasiar, drummer of Dicta License. Starbucks Katips is the place to be for a rockstar stalker like me ;)

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