Monday, February 06, 2006

Nasaan ka?

Lately ko lang na-realize na si Diane (Ely's wife) pala ang nagsulat ng kantang ito. I didn't notice the CD sleeve before (it's mentioned there pala that she wrote this); nakita ko lang sa video that the song was dedicated to Mama Cos, Diane's mom. Now everytime I hear this song, nalulungkot ako because now I now it's for Diane's mom who passed away a few years ago. The lyrics are simple, yet full of raw emotion.

Pupil (D. Ventura)

Kaninang umaga
Nagising akong
May bakas ng ngiti sa mukha
Kasama kita
Sa aking panaginip
Sasabihin ko dapat sa 'yo, pero

Wala ka na
Wala ka na pala
Wala ka na

Namimilipit sa galit
Umiikot ang aking paningin
Sa mga tanong na
'Di kayang sagutin
'Di na makikita
'Di na mahahawakan
Ang maganda mong mukha, pagkat

Wala ka na
Wala ka na pala
Wala ka na

Nasaan ka?
Nasaan ka?
Nawala lang parang bula

Mahahanap din kita
Kung may langit nga ba

Mahahanap din kita

- - - - -

By request:

Urbandub (G. Alipe)

I used to be alive / And so beautiful inside / Now I've lost my way / An open book with a torn page / Something's missing in me / I'm losing control / Behind these four walls / I can't breathe anymore / Believe in me...

Honestly, this distance is what's killing me / I lied when I said waiting was fine / I need you here with me now / Cuz every hour hurts / Except the last one kills.

Don't say you're losing your faith in me / It's only in your mind / That fills itself with dirty images.

You don't need to stop your world / I just want you to include me* / These damn circumstances / You didn't have to lie / Why was I weak? / Why did we let it go?

* Such heartbreaking lyrics

Urbandub (G. Alipe, J. Dinopol, R. Lim, J. Mendoza)

This world is hunting me down...

Ambition that drives you / Straight through a wall / Bright lights in your eyes / Seem to blind us all / We're screaming come down off your pedestal / Not going down, you're not coming down / All eyes on you / The world is yours...

They move me with the tears from their eyes / Will they need me? / Once my star refuses to shine / Show me signs that you care for me / Show me signs that you'll be there / Will the world turn its back on me? / Helpless, they judge me now / All eyes on you / The world is yours / Inside you're screaming...

Sold my soul / I'm a victim to the world / Tonight, come and rescue me from harm.

All eyes on you to live again

I drown in sease of alcohol / Lust and addictions / My convictions are for the flies / Severed ties from reality and family / I've burned all bridges / Let the air catch the embers / If I die...Will I be remembered?

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jaemark said...

actually feeling ko dun sa pupil album, all the best songs were written/co-written by dianne.