Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday night procrastination

Darn it. I can't Multiply again >:( Does anybody know why DSL users can't access Excited pa naman ako magpost ng pics. So anyway, dito nalang muna - RockIt Science 2006 pics.

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In the news:

Kelly Clarkson gets Grammy, omits 'Idol' thanks
Ngi, ba't naman ganun?

Fiennes, actress separate after 11-year relationship
Omg, Ralph Fiennes is single! Off to Europe, shall we? LOL :P

sandwich attacks anew
Can't wait for the next album featuring their new lineup!

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On the net:

The president of India visits Pisay
He was just a foot away and I didn't even shake his hand. I dunno why though hehehe. Sayang - it's not everyday you get to shake the hand of an international head of state ;)

Blind Date
I love Happy Tree Friends!!!

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Friendster survey:

10 YEARS AGO (02-10-96)
How old were you? 15y/o
What grade were you in? 2nd year HS
Where did you go to school? Pisay
Where did you live? Girls Residence Hall Annex during weekdays, Villamor Air Base on weekends
Where did you hang out? Backlobby ng Pisay
How was your hair style? Chin length ata hehe
Did you wear braces? No
Did you wear glasses? Yes hehe (nung 2nd year lang yun)
Sport: Wannabe-basketball
Who were your best friends? Topaz '98, Camia '98, Dormfolks
Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend? Boy na friend meron hehe
Did you have more guy friends or girls? Girls ata
Who was your celebrity crush? ELY BUENDIA!
Who was your regular-person crush? Alam niya kung sino siya
How many piercings did you have? 2
How many tattoos did you have? Awan
What kind of music were you into? NU107 stuff - yes, kasama dun Mmmbop ng Hanson! :P
What was your biggest fear? Failing 2nd year weehee
Favorite color: Blue
Had you gotten drunk or high yet back then? Not til college hahaha
Had you driven yet? No

How old are you? 25
What school are you in? Pisay pa rin! Hahaha! Actually finished college in UP Diliman
Where do u live? Las Pinas/Paranaque
Where do you work? Pisay forever
Where do you hang out? Bio unit. Starbucks Katips. McCafe Edsa-Panay.
How is your hair style? Kakapagupit lang ng longhair. Pero long pa rin naman.
Do you wear glasses? Di na
Who is your best friend? Andrew. djdyansam
Sport:Stairclimbing with laptop weight sa MRT Ayala Station (dang nonworking escalators)
Do you have more guy friends or girl? Same lang ata
Who is your celebrity crush? ELY BUENDIA forever! Hahaha! Actually marami eh. Ay, si Gabby ng Urbandub! (mga musikero talaga eh)
Who is your regular-person crush? Si Andrew *naks* at kung sino-sino pa :P
How many tattoos do you have? Wala pa rin
How many piercings do you have? 2 pa rin
What kind of music are you into: Lokal rakenrol plus the occassional electronica, pop, folk, metal, etc.
What is your biggest fear? Not growing up (not talking about height here - I've long given up on that)
Have you driven yet? Oh yes
Favorite color? Blue pa rin
Had you gotten drunk or high yet? Sa UP ako eh...nuff said hahaha!
Have you driven drunk? Ay hindi na yan

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Music updates:

Giniling Festival

GINILING SHIRTS= Php 250 - pang mga pogiPhp 200 - pang mga pogita
ESTEEKERS = Php 15 each
Available sa gigs nila (see my "February gigs" post for their sked).


Hebigat Sounds: Live! @ Music Museum.
Saturday, Feb 25.
Tickets sold at Big Sky Mind and Saguijo by this weeked. 200 only.


Patricia said...

Hello! I was googling for the latest gigs of Up Dharma Down when I came across your site. Are they gonna be in the UP Fair tomorrow night? Would you know how to get tickets there? You said in your previous post that you have a music website also? Cool. I like Urbandub, Dictalicense, Cynthia Alexander, Pedicab too, among others. What's your music site's address again? Thanks.

- d a c s - said...

Hi Patricia! UP Fair was last week (week of Valentines). I haven't come across UdD gig skeds, but you may want to check their website (link is on my sidebar --> ). As for my music website, I haven't updated that since December. Anyway, it's :)