Saturday, April 29, 2006

Summer Kwento # 3: Honestly, this distance is what's killing me

[Title: from Urbandub's "Safety In Numbers"]
[Subtitle: Umuwi ka na baby...]

Been spending the past few weeks with Drew a lot. Quite nice 'cause we only get to see each other on weekends during the schoolyear. (Sarap maging teacher - bakasyon din pag summer! Bwahahaha!)

In the span of about a week, we've attended one wedding, one baptism reception, and one kiddie party.

And I've been helping him learn how to drive, hehehe. Ngayong summer lang kasi siya nagka-oras magasikaso ng license at magpractice magdrive.

But for the weekend, he's in Sagada with our high school friends, thus the title of this entry. Haha andrama.

So...anyone free for the weekend? I'm guy-less. Hehehe. Oh, but that would mean no one would take me home after the gimik either. Hahaha, labo ko.

Oh, and FINALLY, I realized that it's been three years since I graduated from college but I've never claimed my diploma yet (nauna pa sa akin si Drew magclaim!) *toink* So Drew and I drove to UP and I got my 2003 college diploma hahaha :D

Anyways, some pics from the summer...

Ang bago kong driver

Being kiddie at a kiddie party


Be Happy. Be Responsible.

Remember Bubba? That mischievous smile isn't just a pa-cute look. It's a LIFESTYLE! He is KULIT, doggified? :D

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