Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Summer kwento # 2: Hola Zamboanga!

This year, the Biology Teachers Association brought us to Zamboanga City for the annual convention. So last April 6 to 9 was spent in the Philippines' self-proclaimed Little Spain. It was a fun trip with my co-teachers; my third time out of Luzon, my first in Mindanao.

The PSHS Main Campus delegation at La Vista del Mar: (from left to right) Ma'am Dacs, Ma'am Docto, Sir Talaue, Ma'am Alfonso (retired), Sir Espinas, Ma'am Yazon

Also at La Vista del Mar

The workshop Nino and I conducted at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University

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There's this street in the city where starling-like birds (the dots on the pic; click to zoom) have been spending the night for the past 5 years or so. We had to see it for ourselves, and it was an amusing sight because there were SO MANY of them resting on around 2-4 blocks of electric wires.

We tried our best to stay out of bird-poop's way. But just when the roof ended when Sir Fred crossed the street, nice warm poop landed on his hair, hahaha!

Scenes from Zamboanga:

Jollice (Zamboanga's Jollibee?)

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The inscription at Fort Pilar

View of the sea from Fort Pilar

Shopping at Canelar Barter Trade

Shopping at the Yakan Village Weaving

Where all those pretty cloths are made

Beautiful Zamboanga sky just before boarding the plane home

Stuff I was able to buy during the field trip: cloth from the Yakan Village Weaving, a malong from Canelar Barter Trade, and the vinta, which was actually the souvenir from our luau-themed fellowship night

More pics here.


tseri said...

wow! kainggit naman! gusto ko talaga makapunta ng south side ng pilipinas man lang. ni di pa ako nakakalabas ng luzon. :(

jem said...

ung rip ko sa davao, sa pier lang ang bagsak hehe. gabi lang nakapag-gala, buti na lang madaming girls sa bars nung time na yon.

Rudy man said...

hi blog hoppin. nice blog! very colorful zamboanga ei and no, di naman self proclaimed little spain, its jst that they speak 80 percent spanish that's all. :)