Saturday, April 15, 2006

That's what friends are for

As you grow up and enter that world called "Adulthood", the responsibilities start pouring in. Sometimes it's a deluge that leaves you gasping for air. Suddenly everything is about getting your work done, meeting deadlines, losing lots of sleep, and all that crap.

Growing up also means shifting priorities - you can't go out as much anymore because you're swamped with work. If you do find time for gimiks, there will be times when you just feel like staying at home to catch up on much needed sleep. It' s a reality a reluctant grown-up like me has to face.

So even though I may not see my friends as often as I want to, actually getting to spend time with them becomes super extra special.

For the past month, I've met up with some really special people - folks I haven't seen in months, years, and even in over a decade.

- - - - -

CSA Folks

From L-R: Lady and Stephen, Andrew and Cat, Me and my Andrew

Together with Fritz, who we badly missed during this get-together, Stephen and Cat were my barkada from Grades 3 to 5 at Colegio San Agustin-Makati. Just like Cat said, we were the smartest kids in class (hehehe).

Cat's now living in Canada with her Andrew, while Stephen still resides in Forbes, and Fritz is in Boston. Cat and Fritz have been living abroad since the '90s. At kahit kami nalang ni Stephen ang natira sa Pinas, we still lost communication after I left CSA for Pisay in '94.

So there, after over a decade of almost no communication, Cat, Stephen, and I finally got together (thanks to Friendster and Blogger! hehehe)for dinner with our respective guys and girl. It was great reminiscing those innocent CSA gradeschool days :)

- - - - -

Pisay98 Folks at Rock to the Rescue

First pic: Topaz '98 girls - The Mighty Dacs, Mia Pintsik, Super Boink Dyan
Syet, nagtatabaan kami. Ako winner hehehe :D

Second pic: Dyan and Sam
Half of the Dead Asses Society '98. I love these gals. And their footwear :P

- - - - -

Diogenes Geebee

First pic: DJ and Joy, Me and Andrew
Couples pic at my house in Paranaque

Second pic: Dacs, DJ, Sam
3/4 of the Dead Asses Society '98 at Drew's House in Kamuning

Yep, it's the homecoming of the guy called Diogenes Geebee, or DJ for short. Next to Andrew, this is by best guy friend in the whole wide universe. He's like the baby brother I never had. Too bad he lives on the other side of the world (New York) as a kickass photojournalist (naks!).

Besides his corny jokes and awe-inspiring photography, I love this guy for two more reasons, collectively known as "pasalubong" (hehehe):

Happy Tree Friends Overkill DVD M&M's Peanut Butter

- - - - -

I love my friends =)

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fayeatot said...

kakainggit. :(

nwei, hope you're all doin' well. :) labas din tayo pag-uwi ko ha. hehe.

ingat! :)