Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thursday is Finale Day - AI and Twisted Halo

At 8:00 in the morning over here in the Philippines, Star Network will be airing live via satellite (eto totoo na 'to, not like their "live" 5pm shows) the Results Show for the Finale of American Idol Season 5.

Will the Soul Patrol take to the streets to celebrate? Or will an epidemic of McPheever take over America?

The only other AI finale I watched was that of Season 3 - Barrino vs Degarmo. So when the forums keep echoing that Season 5's was the worst AI finale ever, I guess I can't comment.

But indeed the previous Season 5 shows were more exciting than the finale performances. Bumawi lang sa hordes of screaming fans in the packed Kodak Theater. Some even say Daniel Powter's performance was the best that night and we should vote for him :P

And those original songs they made Kat and Taylor sing - ano yun??? I do hope Taylor wins this one, but if those supposed debut singles are a sign of the next American Idol's upcoming album...ewan ko nalang ha.

Makes me glad Chris didn't reach the Finals. Think of the pop crap they'll make my rocker dude sing!

Speaking of Chris - I didn't see him in the audience when I watched the 5pm show. So I was totally surprised and excited when Ryan talked to him before the show started. Andun pala siya! Hehehe. I swear, I actually squealed like a high school gal seeing her senior crush. Sheeesh.

Final note - if audience reaction = votes, Taylor won this thing first round pa lang.


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At 9:00 in the evening, I'll be attending another kind of finale - it'll be the farewell gig of my beloved Twisted Halo.

From Vin:
It's Twisted Halo's farewell gig and video launch for our last single Public Service Announcement tmrow (May 25) 9pm Big SkyMind w/ Sugarfree Cambio & Sandwich! free entrance!kitakits ayuz!

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tseri said...

hahahha! i watched it so i was so late!!!

yey!!! taylor won!! hahaha!

i think, mas bagay kay elliot yung kinanta nya. hehe!