Thursday, May 25, 2006

Soul Patroooool!

Congratulations Taylor Hicks!!!

It's time America has a different kind of Idol. got it right on: America doesn’t need another cookie-cutter pop artist. America needs a Taylor Hicks in all his crazy dancing, purple jacket wearing, harmonica playing, soul singing glory. (Read more)

Props to the beautiful Kat as well. I hated that she sailed on at the cost of Chris and Elliott's eliminations, but she truly is a pretty face with a nice voice so no worries 'cause this gal's going to have a career anyway. I also hated that she talked back at the judges, but some would say she was just standing up for herself. Anyway, here's something nice she said about being the the Finals: “When you’re in the top two, Taylor and I when we made top two we both looked at each other and we both said, “Oh my God, it doesn’t matter.” It’s like at this point, oh my God, we’re both just going to be able to do things that we weren’t able to do before American Idol. And so I’m going to be, obviously, ecstatic if I win, but I will have nothing to complain about if I don’t.” (Read more)

The Final Results show definitely made up for yesterday's quite boring Final Performances. The show was totally star-studded and it really had a lot of moments.

Some of the weirder ones:

Kat's duet with Meatloaf - why was he singing that way and shaking so badly?
Taylor's duet with Toni Braxton - I wasn't paying attention but I heard Toni cued Taylor to grope her onstage. Totally inappropriate given the song choice.
Elliott's duet with Mary J. Blige - sobrang nasapawan si Elliott! Maybe he doesn't have enough experience with duets, especially with a diva belting it out like that. Or maybe he was just being a gentleman and just really gracious that he's onstage with a big star. Gusto ko talaga i-mute yung mic ni MJB! In any case, you still rule E-Dub!
David Hasselhoff tearing up when Taylor was proclaimed the new Idol.

And of course there were the great ones too:

Mandisa getting to shine even if she didn't have an Idol duet ('cause only the Top5 had those).
Claudette Yamin saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, MY Elliott Yamin!" *tear*
Elliott singing "A House is Not A Home"! Aaah!

And, of course,
Michael Sandecki's MOMENT:

Click to read more about Michael Sandecki's moment
Click to read more about
Michael Sandecki's moment.

His reaction was PRICELESS!!! I'm actually happy for him. I'm such a fangirl pa naman so I would've been shocked like him if I found myself performing with my favorite artist too! So that's his prize for being game enough to reappear on the show :)

I dunno, Chris's performance with Live should've been a moment too, pero I didn't find it exciting. Some say Ed Kowalczyk was trying to upstage Chris (like MJB with Elliott). Parang hindi naman. Pero hindi lang talaga moment para sa akin yung number nila.

Hay, naubos load ko kakatext kay Ninna at Menggai (at least Globe siya - Unlimitxt!)! It was a three-way running commentary for the whole two hours of the show! Hahaha!

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Some fun comments I read at (excellent source for AI - and Rockstar - stuff!):

Comment by ROck Mont (on the original songs for Kat and Taylor):
It’s too bad that the judges told america that the songs sucked before the were released. Now who is gonna buy them?

Comment by Just me (on Elliott's duet with Mary J. Blige):
Elliott is not a glory hog, that’s all. And if MJB is such a seasoned performer, she should understand that “duet” means “two.” Then again, the song was called “One” so there you have it! I really don’t think it was a matter of E not being able to belt it out. It looked to me (especially by the way he shouted out her name) like he was being gracious enough to let her take center stage.

Comment from Z (on Clay's surprise appearance):
Dang, I’m totally impersonating Kelly Clarkson in next year’s auditions…

Comment from dave (on a Chris vs Elliott finale):
To the person who thinks it should have been Chris and Elliott. They would have looked awfully silly singing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” to each other…

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tseri said...

hahah! haven't seen the first 30mins or so of the show. pero naabutan ko yung kay elliot, at sobrang sinapawan nga sya ni MJB. sayang..

clay doesn't look much like clay anymore. hehe!

hindi ko naintindihan yung kanta ni toni braxton.. sobra. pero sobrang natawa ako when she grabbed taylor's hand and tried to put it sa may belly nya. biglang nag-pull away si taylor. katawa! haha!