Thursday, June 08, 2006


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It's covers night at

revolver xxi
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June 10 Saturday Cafe Saguijo 10pm



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Revolver Gigs happen every 2nd saturday of the month.

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- - - - -

Today was such a bad day, it might as well have been 06/06/06.

Tuesday - PC at home is sent to shop because it doesn't want to start anymore.

Wednesday - Pisay's network crashes. Jason and the MIS to the rescue.

Thursday, 7:30 a.m. (yes, maaga na ako pumapasok! No late yet for SY 2006-2007!) - Notice posted near bundy says to save backed-up files - whatever they were able to save from the network crash - ASAP.

I go to the Bio unit and log-in to my account.

Pucha, ang natira lang sa files ko eh yung mga matagal ko nang binubura pero bumabalik pa rin each time I log-in.

Well at least that wasn't a total loss 'cause I could still use those files. I just wanted to erase them before kasi doble-doble na. Pero ngayon yun na nga lang natira.


Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - So then I try out my 2-day old USB drive. Ngayon lang ako nakabili ng USB drive kasi yun lang yung nakita kong may Windows98 driver. Win98 pa kasi laptop ng dad ko na gamit ko, and it doesn't recognize any USB drive. Thankfully, it recognized my newly-purchased drive because of the accompanying driver.

But the Bio PC can't read from it!

And the laptop used for the student/parent orientation couldn't recognize it either.

So there, may USB drive nga ako, namimili naman siya ng laptop/PC! At least there's a 7-day replacement period; papapalitan ko siya bukas.


Thursday, 5:30 p.m. - After work, I drop by Asian Hospital for a check-up (barado ilong ko buong summer!) and then Festival Mall to pick up the PC.

@$%#*^@*&^ walang nasalba sa mga files namin!!! None. Zilch. Awan. Zero. Nada.


Far as I can remember, I haven't backed up files in so long. Kung may na-back-up man ako, mga lumang stuff na yun. At onti lang siguro.

The only files I've completely backed up are my digipics. I do that monthly. And since I've been busy since work started June 1, I haven't had time to back up the May pictures.

Yun lang naman yung Batangas pics with my friends (one of the rare times we got together again).

At yun lang naman yung pics from Twisted Halo's last gig.


At least I think the Halo pics are still in my compactflash cards so I can just upload them again.

As for the other May pics, the edited, low-res versions are online, but the high-res versions are forever gone.

Buti na rin lang na-burn ko na AI5 mp3 ko. And the Elliott and Chris videos.

But the rest of my mp3 collection is gone. Pero at least yun madodownload ko pa ulit (most of them).

My work files...I guess mamimiss ko lang sila pag kinailangan ko na. Di ko maisip as of now exactly what work files I have sa PC at sa PSHS network. So I'll only find out what I've lost when I need them again.

Buti nalang madalas ko gamitin laptop ng dad ko, so a lot of the essential work files are there, especially my exams, lecture presentations, and lecture notes.

Ang nakakapanghinayang yung mga hindi ko na maibabalik or those files I can't reconstruct.

Pics that other people took. Miscellaneous files I've compiled over the years - word documents, powerpoint presentations, photo collages, stuff from emails.

Even stuff I saved from YM. Paminsan kasi pag ok yung usapan, I archive the chat. Like one time when Wolf gave me the lyrics to Para, and then we talked about the Ely-Diane article in Pulp. Or when Klara and I were trying to come to terms with the loss of Wolfmann. Or when Vin shared stuff about writing the songs on the Twisted Halo EP, and when he broke the sad news about him leaving the band.

They're like snapshots of memories. Kinda nice to relive them sometimes, pero la na rin yung mga yun.

Thursday, 8:30 p.m. - I receive word that I just might lose something again. Not anymore files, but something more precious, something close to my heart.

Ano ba, tama na. I hope all the bad news just ends there right now. I think I've dealt with enough crap for today.

- - - - -

I'll live through this though. Nakakapanghinayang lang. At nakakalungkot.

- - - - -

"Di na mababawi ng puso kong sawi." Ito ang araw ng sablay.


- - - - -

P.S. Friday, 2:30 p.m. - Jason comes to the Bio unit to rescue our lost files. Wahoo =)


jem said...

as for the mp3's, contact mo lang ako. i could probably set up my workstation as an mp3 server tapos dun ka na lang kumuha. baka marami sa colections mo eh meron ako.

as for the other lost stuff, too bad. sayang :<

- d a c s - said...

Ey Jem, salamat =) Will let you know if I need that mp3 hook up.