Sunday, May 28, 2006

Paalam at SALAMAT Twisted Halo!

Last Thursday night was a bittersweet night for one big Twisted Halo fan - me. It was the best Twisted Halo gig I've ever experienced, maybe along with Rockestra and, of course, their Kwentuhan Sessions with Samapi.

It was Halo's video lauch (for "Public Service announcement") and farewell gig at Big Sky Mind.

To celebrate seven years of fierce and unapologetically honest rock and roll, friends packed the place and past members came to jam one last time - a big treat for me since I only became a Halo fan in 2003.

Sugarfree, Cambio, and sandwich started out the night with short but sweet three-song sets.

At around 12 midnight, the video for Public Service Announcement, directed by RA Rivera, premiered to an excited audience - and we were definitely not disappointed. Astig yung video (kinalbo si Vin hehe)! I hope this vid and the song make the charts. Huling hirit na para sa banda.

What followed was an intense almost-two-hour set, where Twisted Halo played songs from BOTH the EP and their album, and new stuff as well! Sobra akong natuwa because I never thought I'd hear songs like White on Yellow and The Bean Curve live ever, or see Jal, Monmon, and Buddy play with the band again!

From what I remember, this was the playlist (not in order, though).

Songs from the EP:
Hiram (which started out the set - I love this song to pieces)
White on Yellow
The Bean Curve
Cut to Commercial
Brad (which ended the set)

Songs from the album:
Closed Captioned
Hostile Takeover
#36 - with Aia!
All About Relationships
Asan Na?
Public Service Announcement

Plus two new songs: Nyssa and Undress.

17 songs! *Phew*

Throughout their set and towards the end, the band kept thanking all there was to thank. I just wanted to go there and hug them all and thank THEM for such wonderful music, which, sadly, we won't get to hear live again. Thank God for CD's and cassettes (for those recorded radio guestings).

And, at the end of it all, Vin thanked the crowd and said, "We were Twisted Halo."


(Pics from the farewell gig)

P.S. Thanks a lot Christi for coming with me even if you were really tired na :)

- - - - -

So far, all the bands that I extremely love are no more - Eraserheads, Wolfgang, and now Twisted Halo. Ang malas ko naman, lahat ng minamahal kong banda nawawala :(

True, there are a lot bands to love out there, like Sugarfree, Cambio, sandwich and so much more.

Ok lang ako siguro sa Eheads and Wolfgang; they've long been gone, and they left a lot of material for us to cherish while we wait for the (never-to-come) reunion gigs.

But Twisted Halo - I LOVE THESE GUYS. Their craft is like no other - musically and lyrically. I think I love them already like I love Counting Crows - my favorite band in the whole wide universe. With Halo and the Crows, you don't just listen to the music. You get stung by the words, you get blown away by the performances (um, ok, I've never seen Counting Crows live, but anyway...).

And it's just so great that they're not only rockstars I adore - they're friends I've been blessed to know. Which kinda takes away the sadness, then. Because even if I won't get to see them perform as a band anymore, I'll still get to see them and talk to them when I go to gigs, so all is not lost.

Nasasayangan lang ako kasi I was so excited about the upcoming album. They even played two new songs the other night - never again to be heard. Ang gaganda pa naman.

- - - -

To Twisted Halo - you guys were (and are still) very much worth listening to. And I'm very happy you also appreciate how much I appreciate your music. I will always be a fan and a friend. Mamimiss ko kayo :(

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