Saturday, July 22, 2006

Flies in the vasoline, we are

Missed last night's Rockstar: Supernova Results Show. Watching the vids now from the website.

Jenny did Vasoline from STP. I love the song, I love the band. I didn't like her performance much. I think she's the type of rocker who's more comfy performing with a guitar around her neck.

Dana did High Road Easy (from?). Oh my, she looks like a Kat McPhee trying to rock things up. Hehehe, sorry. I still believe she's not rocker-chick enough to front the Supernova guys. Vocally, she was good though.

Josh did Heart-Shaped Box by Lithium. Awww, my boy has a hard time rocking. Parang hindi masyadong bagay sa kanya mag-rock out. I appreciated his laid-back look the first time I saw him, but now he's gotta show Supernova he can rock it out more - something that doesn't look so right on him.

Based on the Bottom 3 performances, Jenny did have to go. I liked her guitar-strapped rocker-chick look, though.

- - - - -

Off to somewhere in Luzon in a few hours to check out sites for this summer's field bio :D

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