Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bad, bad mosquito!

Back from my bout with dengue.

Yup, was confined at the hospital for 5 days because of this sickness pronounced as "den-gee" (not "deng-geh", as we usually say it).

It was a baptism of fire for someone who hasn't been confined since childhood (sometime 1982 I think). I was sooo weak, I had to be assisted in everything - even in going to the bathroom :(

It was only till I was discharged that I learned from the doctor that it was a really bad case of dengue - I was almost sent to the ICU. My platelet count went as low as 20,000 (normal is 144,000 - 440,000 I think); 5 units of platelets had to be transfused. And one particularly bad complication was that my stomach got so bloated (ack, gas!), the doc said it most probably could have led to internal bleeding. Thankfully no ICU and bleeding for me, though it was really a discomfort to be so weak and with a bad tummy, too.

The nice thing about being in the hospital, particularly in Asian Hospital and Medical Center, was that I was really taken care of - the staff and nurses are really nice, and the place is like a hotel! Though I didn't have any companion for the first two nights (my mom had high fever at home, too, so my dad stayed home with her), Andrew was with me Friday and Saturday night. Bawi-bawi na kami 'cause I took care of him naman when he was in a cast during the summer, hehe.

So now I'm resting here at home, badly missing my students (hello Dahlia, Jasmin, Rosal!). I've taken a 10-day leave to fully recuperate from the dengue; my co-teachers have taken over my classes in the meantime. Pagbalik ko saktong perio na, hehehe.

Salamat nalang sa mga dumalaw sa ospital - siyempre pamilya ko, Andrew (which also happens to be the name of my doctor), Dyan and Gary, Mariel and JJ. It was really nice seeing my best friend Dyan - we RARELY get to see each other due to our busy skeds (she's a doctor). Kelangan pa talagang magkasakit ako para magkita kami hehehe.

To those who texted, especially my students, thanks for your messages! I'll be back in school soon, miss ko na kayo :)

Salamat din sa mga nagbigay ng dugo para sa transfusion ko.

It's so nice to be IV-free and able to go to the bathroom anytime I want to! :P Lesson learned - mosquitoes must die!!! Hehehe. But seriously, avoid mosquito bites. Use Off Lotion, and reapply every two hours.

So...where DID I get that mosquito bite? Could it be na hindi gumagana ang fumigation ng Pisay? :P

Grabe. Bawal magkasakit! Mahirap. At magastos, hehehe :D

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