Sunday, July 02, 2006

Is this the beginning of our last dance?


I hated Urbandub's video for "First of Summer". I LOVED the song, and when the video came out, I was disappointed with Urbandub for making such a 'pretentious' vid. Andami kong lait dun sa video (storywise, mostly).

And then the video for "Endless, A Silent Whisper" came out. Just caught it a while ago. And I am filled with a renewed awe for the band, and also for the director of both vids, Ms. Marie Jamora.

Ang galing! Endless is actually a continuation of FOS. They pieced stuff together, and showed you why things were the way they were in the FOS vid. Cool :)

Check them out for yourself:
(Thanks to
kankungan2001 for uploading these on YouTube)

"this night sky makes city lights shine like diamonds"

"is this the beginning of our last dance?"

Artist: Urbandub
Director: Marie Jamora
Assistant Director: Issa Litton
Director of Photography: Odyssey Flores
Production Designer: Christina Dy
Editor: Maui Mauricio
Production Manager: Tetz Salvador

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