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Rockstar:Supernova - A clash of stars? (Part 1)

Looooong post. Proceed at will.

Was typing as the show went on, so most of my thoughts here may be disjointed 'cause I just typed them as they came. Bear with me :D


Caught the first episode of Rockstar:INXS last year by accident, and I ended up religiously watching the whole series til JD was chosen as the lead singer of INXS. This time, I made it a point to catch the first episode of Rockstar:Supernova. However, it only made me miss the Rockstar:INXS rockers more. I haven't quite warmed up yet to this new bunch of rockers.

The Reality Show:
Cool bit during the Reality Show part. Bigla ba naman pinasalang yung mga Rockers, giving them just about 10 minutes to come up with lyrics and a tune to accompany one of Supernova's recordings.

General comments about the show:
* Parang ang scripted ng lines nila.
* Parang ang OA nilang lahat - the contestants, at lalo na si Tommy Lee.
* I missed the house band.

Cutie alert:

* Toby Rand

* Phil Ritchie

Comments on each performance:
(Check out the
Rockers' bios to know more about them and their music careers.)

STORM LARGE (Portland, Oregon)
Pinball Wizard by The Who
Yup, that's her name. Stig no? Reminds me of a deep-voiced Lindsay Lohan.

RYAN STAR (Long Island, New York)
Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
Didn't quite work for me. They're definitely playing up the loner-thing on this guy. Though I did like what he said in his intro - about just being honest, being yourself, and the rock+star bit. Hehe, smart boy.

TOBY RAND (Melbourne, Australia)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan
Knockin' on Heaven's Door again?! That's its 3rd time on the show (first two times were during Season 1 - Dana Robbins and Jordis Unga). Last season, Dana got booted after the very first episoded after she did a weirded out version of this song. Hehehe. Let's hope for a better fate for Toby.

PATRICE PIKE (Austin, Texas)
Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane
Good stage energy. Nice powerful voice. Somehow reminds me of Suzie McNeal. This song was also done by Heather Luttrell in the first season.

MAGNI (Reykjavik, Iceland)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
Yikes, Dave looked really bored by Magni's performance. As for me, I didn't feel his gig. At ayun nga, during comments time Supernova did imply that Magni had to work his stage vibe. He's gotta do better than that to stay on the show and make Iceland proud.

- - - - -

Magni's band is currently topping the charts in his homeland. Naisip ko tuloy si Basti. What if buhay pa rin Wolfgang at sumali siya sa Rockstar? Pero sasali nga ba siya? I know Kevin Roy seriously considered auditioning for the first Rockstar. Or so I've been told.

- - - - -

ZAYRA ALVAREZ (Dallas, TX; originally from Puerto Rico)
Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
Ok. First, I don't like the song she did. Never did. Secondly, she's kinda off. Off yung dating niya. Off yung boses niya, nawawala sa tono, or nawawala altogether. Strangely though, the Supernova guys liked her. And Jason proposed marriage. Hahaha :P

JENNY GALT (Montreal, Quebec)
How You Remind Me by Nickelback
Sweet-sounding voice. Not my type. But let's see. Seeing her playing guitar there kinda reminded me of Heather Nova, though they don't even have the slightest resemblance. Hahaha, Heather Nova, Supernova. Whut.

JOSH LOGAN (Manchester, New Hampshire)
She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes
I like his voice. And he looks comfy onstage, with a laid-back kinda groove. I just can't pinpoint whose voice his reminds me of. I initially thought he reminded me of JD Fortune, but then he sang and all similarities evaporated. In the looks department...maybe Adam Levine? Ewan.

MATT HOFFER (Chicago, Illinois; originally from Denver, Colorado)
Yellow by Coldplay
Parang he didn't know how to rock out to Yellow. Bad song choice? Possibly. Gotta see more of Matt to judge him more clearly.

DILANA (Houston, Texas; originally from Johannesburg, South Africa)
Lithium by Nirvana
Oooh scary piercings and tattoos. Ano ba, Dilana does Nirvana. And yeah, Lithium na naman. I preferred Marty Casey's version. Hehe, Dilana messed up the lyrics. Ewan kung sadya. So ok, she stood still in her hooded presence for most of the song, and then burst into frantic ewans at the end. She scares me. But Supernova loved her. Haha, will I even like this band? Sobrang iba kami ng tastes (like, they liked Zayra...)! :P
P.S. She's so short! Hanggang tenga lang ata siya ni Brooke Burke!

DANA ANDREWS (Augusta, Georgia)
I'm the Only One by Melissa Etheridge
When she came onscreen, I thought to myself, "Parang walang mala-Jordis this time (talent-wise)." Strange, kasi si Dana pala baby ng group (she's 22), just like Jordis before. But that's the only thing they have in common. Didn't quite like her performance. Will it be weird to say I preferred Kellie Pickler's version? :D Maybe I'm just missing AI hahaha ;)

PHIL RITCHIE (Ocean City, Maryland)
Cult of Personality by Living Colour
"I decided I didn't want to be a lab-rat. I wanted to be a rockstar." Omg, that is so me! Hahaha :D Ulit na naman ng kanta?! Ty Taylor did this on the first episode of the first season. Ty's was a more powerful version. But Phil Ritchie's one of my two crushes this season, so I hope he stays a bit. Hehehe. He reminds me of Anne Hathaway's best friend's brother (played by Robert Schwartzman) in Princess Diaries.

- - - - -

This led me to Googling up
Robert Schwartzman, so now I know that he's now known as Robert Carmine. He's also a member of the Hollywood Coppola family: Nicholas Cage is his cousin, and Francis Ford Coppola is his uncle. Robert's brother Jason, also an actor, is the former drummer of Phantom Planet. And Robert has his own band - he's actually the lead singer of the band Rooney (hey, I've heard of that band!). Ok, so now I'm Googling Rooney...aaah ok, nasa Killer Queen (Tribute to Queen) CD now I'm digging up that CD and popping it into the player...

- - - - -

JILL GIOIA (Long Island, NY)
Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin
Ok, this is kinda disappointing. This is the 3rd song to be rehashed from the FIRST EPISODE of the first season. Deanna Johnston rocked this song last season. Jill has the same rockin' husky voice - Joplin really does fit her. And though I loved Deanna's version, Jill has a fuller. Yup, husky pero buo yung boses. Labo noh, hehe. I like this girl. Rock on, Jill.

- - - - -

Ooowkaaay...Tommy Lee reality-TV-shows are taking over the Star Network. Commercial for "Tommy Lee Goes to College" just showed. Ano ba.

- - - - -

CHRIS PIERSON (Atlanta, Georgia)
Roxanne by The Police
He was havin' a hard time with this song during practice. So yeah, bad song choice. The Roooooxaaaanne parts were annoying. I guess only Sting can pull that off, hehehe. Awww, Supernova fried him. Gilbey Clarke actually said his performance (particularly Chris's arrangement of the classic) sucked. Tsss.

LUKAS ROSSI (Toronto, Canada)
Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
Looks awfully familiar...Dong Abay!!! Hahaha! I'm starting to totally believe that Canadians rock - JD Fortune, Suzie McNeal, Deanna Johnston (all three from Rockstar:INXS). And now, Lukas Rossi! Awesome stage presence, man!
Dave: "That was insane!"
Tommy Lee: "Can you say f*ckin' ROCKSTAR?!" (Sabay tapon ng mic, for the second time tonight, hahaha. Andrama talaga niya!)

In no particular order:
EARLY BOTTOM THREE - Chris, Phil, Magni
MY BOTTOM THREE - Magni, Zayra, Chris
MY TOP THREE - Josh, Lukas, Jill

- - - - -

Some more general comments on the show:
* Awww walang Asian. Kala ko ba nagpa-audition sa Hong Kong? Or Singapore ba yun?
* May Dana last season (first to be eliminated), may Dana rin this season.
* Parang wala masyadong standout ngayon. Last season had Jordis, Marty, Suzie, and MiG.
* Ano kayang kakantahin ng bottom three? Wala pa namang kanta ang Supernova?
* They used a lot of songs that were already used last season. I think I've counted about 4 or 5. I know AI does that too. But this is just the 2nd season! Wala na bang ibang rock songs sa mundo?

I just visited the official website. This season's complete title pala is ROCKSTAR:SUPERNOVA (The Tommy Lee Project).

At ito na pala yung URL ng Rockstar:INXS ( is the URL for the current season):

So I guess this'll be my obsession for the next few months :D Thursday and Friday nights MUST be spent at home. Kung may gimik man, I must be home by 11:30 p.m. for the replay. Hehehe.

EDIT: Going through other forums made me realize what I should've noticed head on - Lukas and JD are both Canadians, hehe. Out there to win, not caring (or so it seems) if they make enemies along the way. I'm not pointing out that all Canadians are such. Though I do like to stress that the Rockstar Canadians (Lukas, JD, Suzie, etc) do know how to ROCK.

Also, it surprises me how quite a lot of viewers liked Dilana and Zayra. I like rockin' wild chick vocals, like Bjork (to whom Zayra was compared), and I like piercings and tattoos and the whole rocker chick look, too (like Jordis). But Dilana and Zayra just plainly weird me out. Zayra even sang out-of-tune! And Dilana's just plain scary. I guess I just have to watch them next week to see if my judgement will hold up.

- - - - -

(EDIT: Fell asleep without getting to post this last Thursday night. Since I was able to watch the Results Show already, might as well add this to the post.)

Results Show:

So ganun pala, the bottom three get to sing A SONG OF THEIR CHOICE to redeem themselves in front of Supernova.

I really wanted Zayra or Dilana out, but of course after all the love they received from Supernova, malabo na yun. I was mildly surprised Magni wasn't in the bottom three (he was, at some point of the voting). And although Chris did become part of the bottom three, he was able to redeem himself with his take on The Doors' L.A. Woman.

So it was goodbye Matt Hoffer. As my friend Ninna put it, choosing to sing Duran Duran for a hard rock band is suicide. I appreciate his staying true to himself though, and him saying that he didn't mind losing to the 14 other wonderful singers left onstage. And I really liked what Tommy (or was that Dave?) said about Matt not losing, that it's just not Matt's time to get that big break yet.

O siya. Next week nalang ulit itutuloy ang kabaliwang Rockstar:Supernova na ito.

Or maybe not. Just looked for the definition of "supernova". I'ma post next on the queer choice for the new supergroup's name...

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