Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh well...

Speaking of farewell gigs... Haaay :(

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From: "Immanuel David Singson"
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 07:12:55 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [sugar_free] May sasabihin lang ako mga tsong :)

Hi! Kamusta kayo?
I don't know how to say this, but sige, wala nang pasikot sikot...
Being Sugarfree's most dedicated, sincerest and truest fans, you guys deserve to be the first ones to know before word gets around.
This month (July) marks as my last month as a member of Sugarfree.
Many will say... Why let the band go knowing na nasa taas ka na? Why leave if you're in a position where you're already able to enjoy the fruits of your harwork? Bakit ka aalis eh ang dami mo nang isinakripisyo para maabot mo ang kinalalagyan mo ngayon?
Ito ang sagot ko...It is because of these sacrifices that I've made that I've realized that I have to go. To help Sugarfree to get to where the band is right now, my time with my family and friends have suffered a lot. And as most of you know, when I say family, this includes my son, and my son is my most dearest possession.. Right now, I'm in a situation where I think my family and friends need my time and focus more.
It would also be unfair to Ebe and Jal if i would not be able to give my full commitment and focus given that they've given more effort (compared to me) to bring Sugarfree to this level.
There is no bad blood between me and Ebe nor between me and Jal. Nagkakaintindihan naman kaming tatlo, we will continue to be friends :) Again, I just have my own priorities to attend to and I don't want to pull the band down because of my other commitments.
To be completely transparent, I will continue to play music but with other bands since I will always have that passion to create and play music. But this time my playing music will purely be for recreation, hobby lang :) I'll be in an environment where in I'll be in control of my pace and time. Tugtog lang ako kung kelan ko trip at kung kelan 'di mahahassle oras ko sa pamilya at mga kaibigan ko :)
Before I end, for the whole duration of my stint with Sugarfree, thank you thank you for your support to the band. Sayang lang na 'di ko kayo lahat na meet but for those listers and fans I've met, you've been very very nice and warm to me, thank you :)
I'll be replaced by Mr. Carlo Quisumbing, you can call him Kaka. He's an excellent drummer and more importantly, he's really a nice kid and very good looking :) Please please extend to him the same support (kung pwede more) and warmth that you've always shown me. I'm sure Kaka will help bring Sugarfree to really higher levels :) I suggest that you come to the gigs this July para you can meet him, he'll be tagging along na sa mga gigs this month ;)
Please continue to support Sugarfree. The band is coming out with its third album this October. Ganito na lang, help spread the word to watch out for a leaner better Sugarfree, ayus ba? :) Personally, I'm really excited how the new unit will sound, I'm expecting great things :)
Hanggang dito na lang po. Almost six years ako sa Sugarfree, ang bilis ng panahon, halos hindi ko naramdaman...Paalam po. Salamat ulit. Signing out with a smile :)
- Mitch Singson

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