Saturday, July 15, 2006


It was just supposed to be a 3-day weekend, because Pisay had its annual fumigation yesterday, July 14.

But since classes were suspended Wednesday afternoon and the whole of Thursday, well here we have our 4.5-day weekend :P

Which is just swell because Wednesday night had me starting up a fever, and my temperature actually escalated to a 40.3 high right about Thursday noon. So sakto lang talaga sa bakasyon yung sakit ko. I believe I haven't felt so down in ages. It was like there were two fists permanently pressing against either side of my head. Ugh.

The problem now, though, are the class days missed. Hehe, yup, I am now on the other side of the fence, and lost class days makes me more irritated than jubilant. And that's because it ruins the schedule for lessons and exams, so now I have to figure out how to make up for lost time.

So what have I done so far with the 4.5-day weekend?

- - - - -


I'm still not as impressed with the new rockers as I was with the INXS batch.

I'm still disappointed that it's only the 2nd episode of the 2nd season, and they've already recycled so many songs - quite a lot of them performed by Marty Casey.

I'm still not digging Zayra. She can't sing on-key!!! Oh ok, so she did A BIT better during her bottom-three performance. But I still wish her out of this show. And I've quite warmed up to Dilana. Her take on Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" was cool. Her deep voice suited it well, and she didn't freak me out as she did when she sang "Lithium".

I'm glad Magni did better this time around. I kinda like to see him stick around quite longer, if only to see him make Iceland proud. It's not everyday that country gets a share of the international spotlight, right?

I'm still rooting for Josh, even more than I am for Lukas. He's got the best voice among the rockers, though I'm not quite sure it's what Supernova is looking for.

And yeah, I still crush Phil and Toby. Woohoo, Toby got the encore spot this week :) I doubt if Phil's ever gonna get that, hehe.

Lastly, I'm not surprised to see Chris go. Though I really would've preferred Zayra out.

- - - - -

Walk the Line

Speaking of Johnny Cash, I finally got to watch his biopic, "Walk the Line", starring one of my all-time celebrity crushes, Joaquin Phoenix.

Though it appears that Johnny's marriage to his first wife Vivian broke down because of his relationship with June, I can't help but feel kilig over Johnny and June. Though Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon do not bear any resemblance to Johnny and June Cash (or do they?), I'd say they were perfect for the roles. They've got that great couple chemistry between them, and they were awesome using their own voices for the singing parts.

It's so nice that Hollywood makes movies like these. If not for this movie, I most probably wouldn't know of or have any interest in Johnny and June Cash. Except for Johnny Cash's version of NIN's "Hurt" playing on NU, and his songs being used in Rockstar ("Ring of Fire" - Dilana) and AI ("I Walk the Line" - Chris Daughtry), I wouldn't have known about him at all. And it's great that a biopic like this comes along because it introduces these great legends to a new audience, at the same time (hopefully) making long-time fans happy.

- - - - -

Ever After

Since it was my sis picking the VCDs to watch, for the nth time she popped in Ever After *rolls eyes* Though I don't mind it that much because I like the movie as well. Drew Barrymore is such a beautiful and talented actress, and Dougray Scott was just the perfect Prince Charming for her Cinderella.

- - - - -


This was the third movie I've watched over the break, though, like Ever After, it's something I've already seen before. Sakit ko yun, actually - I tend to watch the same movies over and over, when there's so much more I haven't seen yet, and we actually have VCDs or DVDs of those movies.

Alicia Silverstone is so endearing in this movie. She was perfect for the part, and it's always so amusing to watch her.

- - - - -

So there, so far I've seen 3 movies while trying to get some work done over the break. Hopefully I get a lot more work done before trying to finish any more movies :D

To all Pisay folks out there, I hope you're enjoying your vacation as well. And I hope you're in good health ;)

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