Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rockstar: Supernova Week # 3 (Top 13)

This show is drama.

Crush # 1 - Phil Ritchie - did very well tonight. He's not that good a singer, but he definitely delivered this time. The intensity of the performance was oozing with hotness.

Crush # 2 - Toby Rand - wasn't as good this week. He got the encore spot last week, but I guess song choice worked against him this time. I didn't like his version of Runaway Train.

My pet peeve, Zayra, kinda did well with REM's Everybody Hurts. She had her own arrangement of the song, and it worked. Good for her. I still don't like her though.

My other pet peeve, Dilana, closed the show with a rockin' Zombie by the Cranberries. She still freaks me out.

My best bet, Josh, didn't do too well today. I looove his voice, but I'm pretty sure Supernova's not too hot about it.

Baby of the season, Dana, just can't cut it for Supernova. She's too sweety-tweety, even if she tries hard to rock it out.

Tommy Lee is such a flirt. This show is drama.

- - - - -

Caught CSI tonight, too. Awww, I hope they don't kill Brass off the series... I can just look it up on the net, actually. But I wanna be in suspense for next week's season finale (read: walang magkukuwento sa akin ok?!). Parang ang bilis, parang kailan lang yung Tarantino season 5 finale ah.

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