Sunday, July 16, 2006

Don't quote me on this

Like my previous post, this'll be another one I'd be adding to as time goes by.

This is a list of amusingly funny/stupid stuff that I have personally encountered at some point in my life. These include signs, billboards, stuff my friends or I have said, etc.

Last update: 07/16/06, 2:00 a.m.

"Happy Birthday Toyo"
- On a very old billboard we pass by on the way to Baguio (I don't think it's there anymore). Yup, "Happy Birthday" yung brand ng toyo. Anak ng toyo talga o.

"Office hour:"
- Sign outside a shop in Batangas. Isang oras lang silang bukas?

- Sign in Batangas

- pangalan ng tambayan sa STI Batangas

"At home you can relax your sense"
- billboard in Batangas. Translation: sa bahay, pwedeng magpakabaliw.

"Grabe, never-endless 'to ah!"
- me, while my co-teachers and I were driving up the never-endless ramp of Robinson Manila's parking lot :P

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I also have some funny/stupid stuff on digital pictures:

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