Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rockstar: Supernova Week # 4 (Top 12)

I watched this in the hospital, and I had to go the bathroom in the middle of the show so I missed quite a lot of performances.

So this week we say goodbye to my crush Phil Ritchie. Too bad, 'cause he just had one of his best performances. Admittedly, though, he really isn't as good as the other rockers; hindi talaga siya tatagal dito. Do check out his band, Lennex, though. They've got some rocking stuff here - (Click on MEDIA).

I still don't like Zayra. I hope she goes soon.

And I still can't get over the INXS Rockers. Their batch was waaay better than the Supernova bunch now. I still think Supernova will end up with either Dilana or Lukas. People are saying Lukas comes across as arrogant - well, JD Fortune was the same, and he ended up the winner. Though I like Lukas better than JD.

Lastly, I don't care if Josh Logan doesn't cut it for Supernova. His songs as an individual artist are way hot! Funky! Listen to the samplers:

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The nice thing about shows like Rockstar and American Idol is that I get to discover these musicians that otherwise would be unknown to me. Check out what these Rockstar and AI alumni have to offer. Listen to their songs, especially their originals:

Marty Casey -
MiG Ayesa -
Jordis Unga -,
Chris Daughtry -

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