Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I haven't been blogging about RS:SN because I stopped watching after Josh was booted. Hehehe. Josh was my favorite vocalist, but he wasn't my bet. Hindi talaga siya bagay sa Supernova.

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This is what I wrote a couple of weeks back about Storm Large:
Malas ni Storm. Frontrunner sana, biglang pinakanta ng "Bring Me to Life". C'mon America, kala ko ba gusto niyo si Storm? Then you give her *that* song? A real rocker like Storm shouldn't do those kind of songs. Check her out on YouTube to find out who the real Storm is:

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So now it's down to the Final Four, so napapanood ako ulit tonight (despite the work I had to do *evil grin*)

Ever since Season 2 of Rockstar began, I kept lamenting that the Season 1 Rockers were so much better. Tonight's show, however, changed my mind about that.

Last year, it was hard to pick a favorite 'cause most of the Rockers were really good. Even the insufferable JD Fortune. This year, most of the Rockers failed to impress me. Until tonight.

The Final Four definitely deserve being there (would've been great to see Storm there, too). Lukas, for his showmanship. Dilana, for her rocker-chick vibe. Magni, for his dedication to his craft. Toby, for his hotness. Hahaha! Kidding about Toby - he's hot indeed, but he's a good vocalist too and that's what got him in the top four.

Except for Lukas, who I liked immediately, my initial impressions of these Final Four were so much different. Dilana scared me. Magni's very first performance was really bland. And Toby (along with Phil Ritchie) was just another pretty boy for me.

At this point in the competition, all four have shown that they really want this gig, and it's showing in their performances. Dilana may have stumbled with the press, but it's hard to deny her talent. Lukas, who at some point came across as a one-trick pony, has shown a different side of him. Though Magni's interaction with the House Band sometimes seems awkward, can't deny too that his vocals are powerful and intense. And Toby, from being just eye candy, has upped his performances each and every time he took the stage.

You can tell by now that I'm rooting for the Aussie dude. But it really won't bother me much if he doesn't get it, because, as I said, all Final Four folks have a fighting chance in this. Sayang nga lang kung hindi si Toby, kasi that would be the second Rockstar heartbreak for Australia, hehehe. Also, if Supernova ever comes to Manila, I think I'd only watch if it were Toby fronting. I like the other folks, but not enough to spend for tickets to their show.

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So lemme pimp my Oz guy here, just like I do with all my favorite musicians:

Visit Juke Kartel's (his band's) website. His original song "Throw It Away" (which is actually a Juke Kartel song, just like Marty Casey's "Trees" was a Lovehammers song) is available there for streaming.

Juke Kartel on YouTube:

Listen to more Juke Kartel:

Rebel Yell is my favorite Toby performance so far (I missed out on quite a lot, gotta catch up on that later pag wala masyadong trabaho hehehe). I crush Toby, and it's a wonder I wasn't jealous of all those chicks he pulled up onstage. I was more amused I think that this guy has really got this gig going - interacting with the fans that way was really the way to go.

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Alam ko na! Magbbirthday leave ako tomorrow. Di ako papasok to watch the Finale hehehe :D Evs!

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