Thursday, September 14, 2006


This is why I *try* to stay away from Tower Records (or any record store, for that matter).

Actually sa Tower Records Glorietta ako nagshopping.

Happy Birthday to me *sheepish grin*

These are the stuff I checked out. Highly recommended! (Kahit na isasalang ko palang sa CD player hehehe)

"Rock N' Roll Death Toll" by Lokomotiv
Much anticipated debut album of San Francisco-based group featuring Wolf Gemora (of Wolfgang fame) and David Aguirre (of Razorback fame). The vocals on this album were done by Basti Artadi (also of Wolfgang fame), who recently left the band. It's a good thing this was considered OPM, so it's priced at P299. Else, it would be P460 like the other international releases.

"DRT" by DRT
Self-titled debut album of another supergroup, which I got to know of because Manuel Legarda (Wolfgang ulit) used to be the guitarist. Just like Basti, Manuel has left this post-Wolfgang band as well (he's now enjoying married life with his wife Sian). The band also features members of legendary bands from the '90s - Razorback, Gnash, DogBone, Brainsalad.

"Revelations" by Audioslave
The much-awaited follow up to the phenomenal self-titled debut album of one of the best supergroups to ever grace the music scene (parang paulit-ulit lang ginagamit kong terms hehehe). Dunno if it's a limited edition, but the stocks at Tower right now have a free t-shirt and lighter, with the whole package priced at P460. Gogetit!

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