Sunday, October 29, 2006


I'll be staring at this pic forever...

Urbandub!!! Aaah!!!

Ok, that's me and my gigantic arms, trying to do a rockstar pose w/ one of the greatest rock bands in the land. However, I couldn't contain my ecstasy at having my picture taken with Urbandub, beside Gabby Alipe nonetheless, thus the stupid smile. Aiii!!!

Hahaha that's sooo highschool. So sue me. I looove Urbanduuub!!!

Actually there's another pic, but my friend Sam didn't use flash so malabo kasi walang tripod. Naka-smile pa naman medyo sina Gabby and Lalay dun.

Ang cute namin, by height pa ang arrangement hehehe.

- - - - -

BIG THANKS to everyone who helped put together Sonoluminescence!!!

The SAMAPI folks - we did it! Yeah! I hope you all enjoyed your tasks (I'm sure the band runners did); kahit na toxic, hopefully it was a fun learning experience. Marunong na kayo mag-organize ng gig!

The Batch 2007 Council - thanks for helping us out and supporting this event! The tents were the greatest idea, kahit na di na talaga umulan Saturday night.

The corporate and parent sponsors - maraming maraming salamat! Salamat McDo! Ang daming chicken!

And to all the folks who came to watch the shows, especially the alumni that came back. You guys rock!

- - - - -

My personal fave fair gig moments:

* This generation of kids getting to know Datu's Tribe. Drew and I loooved that band when we were in high school, and we were really saddened when they disappeared from the music scene. Now that they're back with a vengeance, there's a new generation of folks out there that deserve some hard-rocking soul-tugging music to set their hearts afire.

* My gosh, I never thought I'd ever hear "Sarsa Platoon" live ever again. Galit kami sa baboooy!!!

* The people totally enjoying our fair gig staples - Giniling Festival and Brownman Revival. And the lot of them screaming when Jebs mentioned he was from Pisay.

* Me getting to meet the great Vinyl Junkie himself, Mr. Toti Dalmacion of Terno Recordings.

* Our gig being covered by great photogs! Mari Arquiza (Pisay alumna, and Brutal Grace (! And Pulp! We just might have a pic in Pulp Magazine! Hehehe.

* Urbandub in Pisay. Need I say more?!

* Yes, Urbandub in Pisay! I've been wanting to have them play at the fair gig since SY2004-2005. Did you see the kids jump up and down in unison and raise their arms to "First of Summer"? That was sweet. Amazing (Gelo, pahiram ng expression mo ha). And they played old songs! Soul Searching! Gone!

* Pic with Urbandub! Beside Gabby! *insert sheepish grin*


sam said...

DACS! no shoutout to the host?! damn. what about pictures of ME? (the ones i approved).

- d a c s - said...

Hehehe oo nga pala. THANK YOU SAM AND ATOM!!! Pics? Oo nga pala ano...hehehe sige, later. Long weekend naman eh.