Monday, October 30, 2006



Basti posted this on the Wolfgang Yahoogroups, nung October 16 pa!

--- In, "rissapp" wrote:

SING LOUD TO THE TUNE OF JINGLE BELLS (just the first part)...
HaHa You will be tested!!

Jingle bells jingle bells
Manny called today...
said "Hey Bast when you come home
would you like to play?" HEY!
I said yeah, Mon said yeah
so now we got a show.
If only we could add a band
to bring more Rock N Roll!

Manny called T. Ripoll
and asked if he could rock
He and the boys said "FUCK YEAH MAN!!!"
So we got RAZORBACK!!! HoY!

Well my friends heres how it ends
lets all dance one more time
take out all your lyric sheets
and memorize your lines.

exercise your vocal chords
cause on this night youll sing
even Brian Hubad
might lead the fucking thing! Hey!

Jingle bells jingle bells
Its gonna be a song
Rock N Roll for one and all
A party allll niiiiight loooooooong! Yeah!

Heh Heh Fuckers here we go!!! Jan 6 UP theatre we sing and we dance and we get
Craaaazy one more time!(Make sure you dont get fake tickets!)

Ingat all

P.S. Wolf said he couldnt make it but you never know...
we will see you soon.

- - - - -

Must. Not. Miss. This. Or. Else. Life. Will. Be. Meaningless.

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