Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tala-arawan na 'to


(Actually, this is done with already)

But that part ^^^ that says "In Stores 11-24-06"...BUKAS NA YAN!!!

I'm so excited! I actually want to escape from Pisay for a while to drop by SM North and get myself a copy as soon as possible! Hehehe. Sana after my last class tomorrow I could actually do that. Hindi ako pwedeng umuwi ng walang Tala-Arawan sa kamay ko!

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

Take note, BUY, hindi DOWNLOAD :D

Sa mga pirata, huwag po kayong bastos ha. Alam niyo naman yung salitang KARMA diba? >;)

- - - - -


This gig will kick serious butt.

- - - - -

Haaay, so many things to blog about, but I hardly have the time. Medyo stale na tuloy mga kwento dito :(

Toxicity is the word of the century. Really can't wait for Christmas vacation...

- - - - -

Somesortof express WUWD nalang ulit:

- 11/17/06, Fri: Birthday ni Menggai (Ma'am Cheng to the lot of Pisay people I know), at birthday ni Wolfmann. Finally met Wilf's parents (such kind, cool folks!). Listening to them talk about their son is so "awww" (for lack of the right word to use...) in two ways: Awww, kasi it's heartbreaking to talk about a lost loved-one. Another awww kasi you can hear their pride in and love for their son. Haaay. Anyway, abang-abang nalang tayo sa lalabas na album ng Wolfmann+ ("Wolfmann Plus", the band). Sobrang astig, walang biro. Malapit na ilabas!

- 11/18/06, Sat: Admit One 5th Anniv Part 2! Fatal Posporos! Twisted Halo!!!!! Aaah!!! Hindi exagg yung mga exclamation point. Super saya ko talaga nung gabing yun, you probably won't even begin to comprehend just how happy I was to see my beloved band play together one more time. Funny story though as we were going home. It was Drew's first time to drive me home (and his first time to drive the SLEX, hehehe). Windows were down kasi walang aircon. I brought out my wallet to get cash for the toll. And the wind took away my P50-bill. Aaargh! Buti nalang hindi P500 yung nabunot ko!

- 11/19/06, Sun: Quiapo day. Yup, Quiapo day, not Pacquiao day (uy parang tinext-twist yun ah: quiapo <> pacquiao). Had to meet up with my co-teachers for a trip to Quiapo to purchase "medicinal plants" for our lab activity the next day. Halos walang tao sa Quiapo at sa Chinatown. In the afternoon naman, watched the playoffs ng Pisay Interbatch. We won over '05, and we'll be playing '04 next Sunday. So yeah, hindi ko napanood Pacquiao fight. In fact, I just watched it a couple of hours ago on YouTube. Mukhang kawawa si Morales, he really looked tired. Pero shit lang talaga ha. Tama ba namang entrance sounds ni Pacquiao yung kanta niya??? That's just so not right...

- 11/20/06, Mon: Back to school.

- 11/21/06, Tue: Labas na ang album ni Chris Daughtry!!! Pero meron na ba sa Pinas??? I've been staying away from the record stores lately kasi I seriously have to lessen my expenses.

- - - - -

Which brings us back to the first thing in this post: OUT NA TALA-ARAWAN BUKAS!!! Hindi ko na maiiwasan pa ang Odyssey o kaya Tower Records nito. I MUST have a copy of Tala-arawan TOMORROW!!!

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