Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's Friday, I'm in love

Just finished watching Wolfgang's Halo-Halo episode on MYX, from 2001. Five years ago.

During the interview portion, host Lourd de Veyra asked the band how they see themselves 5 years from now or something like that. I think Basti answered something like still making music something something something (as you can see, I was very attentive).

Gusto ko murahin yung TV. Then: 2001. Now: 2006. 5 years from then. At nasaan na ang Wolfgang? Ayun, kaka-reunion gig lang kanina sa Music Museum. Na hindi ko napuntahan kasi naubos sa iilang araw lang yung tickets.

Reunion gig? Yup. Not even 5 years from that Halo-Halo gig, Wolfgang disbanded, breaking a lot of people's hearts (not just the ladies', mind you) in the process. Siyempre, mine included. And Andrew's, too.

Then in October 2006, I got word from the Wolfgang mailing list that there'll be a reunion gig this January. I've been uber excited since then, only to have my heart broken again because tickets got sold out even before I had the chance to buy.

Buti nalang nagset ng repeat date. Jan12, Music Museum pa rin, P350 pa rin.

So, do I have tickets? Drew and I have reserved. And I hope to God it's a true blue reservation at hindi scam kundi magpapakamatay na ko pag hindi ko talaga napanood ang Wolfgang. Like I said couple of months back, wala nang sense ang buhay pag hindi ko napanood itong reunion gig na 'to.

NOTE: As of Jan 5 (I think), sold out na rin kaagad yung tix for Jan 12. Lupit.

- - - - -

Hahaha, masyado bang ma-angst? Well, ganyan ako magmahal. Matindi masaktan kapag nilisan ng minamahal, kaya maraming galit na kailangang ilabas.

So yeah, obviously, I'm still not over Wolfgang breaking up.

- - - - -

In the 24+ hours of uncertainty on whether or not there'll be a repeat reunion gig, my mind raced through my options.

Option 1: Drew and I would take our chances that scalpers would be at the gig. Pinag-usapan pa namin how much we were willing to pay for tix. P1000? Ok na yun.

Option 2: Don't I know anyone who could get me tix? Pakapalan nalang ng mukha, I NEED those tickets!!!

Option 3: Must keep my eyes open when in ATC or Festival Mall. If I run into Basti there, I'd go up to him and BEG him to have a repeat reunion gig. As in iiyakan ko siya.

Thank God a repeat performance was eventually scheduled, kundi napahiya ko na sarili ko sa kung sino-sino, hahaha :P

- - - - -

P.S. Hehe, in truth, I do understand why bands don't always stay together. But I just can't help feeling resentful that it has to be that way.

Friday is sooo far awaaay...

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