Friday, January 12, 2007


I've been waiting for this for four years...tonight is THE NIGHT!

Been listening to almost nothing but Wolfgang this week (napakinig din ako ng Eraserheads and Pupil after I got word of Ely's heart attack - he's okay now, thank God!). Para akong estudyanteng naghahanda para sa exam, kailangan ireview, isaulo, isapuso ang material :P

Tonight, I will see Basti, Manuel, and Mon together onstage again (Wolf will be missed!), together with the equally awesome Razorback, flooring all their loyal fans with their killer riffs and of course Basti's unearthly growls (I swear, NO ONE can ever top the rock god Basti!)

For four years, the howl of the wolf was heard no more, but tonight, it will rock the walls of the Music Museum, and the resounding roar will echo for God knows how long in the hearts and minds of the lucky fans who will get to witness this much-anticipated (and overwhelmingly sold-out) reunion gig. (We will get our revenge on those who were able to buy tickets to the first reunion gig last week - mas maganda 'to kasi last na 'to! Bwahahaha!)

I've been waiting for this for four years. But first, I must go to school. Hehehe. Nothing like work to keep my mind in limbo. Buti nalang reporting yung mga estudyante ko, so my head isn't cluttered up with lesson plans, and all my energy is focused on THE SHOW of the year.

The gods of rock will finally awaken tonight and gratify our ravenous souls.

I've been waiting for this for four years...tonight is THE NIGHT!


benj said...

dacs from peyups?




- d a c s - said...

hehe yep. lateralus, right?

grabe, last jan12 ko lang na-gets yung semenelin reynes nung binanggit ni basti dun, though nabasa ko na sa list yun hahaha!