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Man, there's sooo much to say about that friggin' reunion gig last Friday.

Hope you don't mind the longish post.

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Got to Greenhills at around 4pm to pick up our reserved tickets. On my way up to Music Museum, saw Louie Talan settle down on the steps to have a smoke. Sabi ko sa sarili ko magpapapic nalang ako w/ him after I claim the tix. Timang kasi on my way back down nakasalubong ko siya on his way back up.

But then, a few minutes later as I was calling Drew at the foot of the stairs to tell him I got the tix already, down comes Basti Artadi, and suddenly the world is a better place to live in(hehehe). Grabe, tumatawid lang ng daan si Basti pero he had his mean rocker face on - I swear, those eyes, that face, that scowl is to die for. As Basti makes his way to the parking lot, I resolve NOT to let this opportunity pass - aabangan ko pagbalik niya para magpapic! :D So yeah, nevermind people around us were prolly thinking what a loser/stalker/fangirl I was, I went ahead and asked for a pic w/ Basti pagkabalik niya from the parking lot. He kindly obliged, and even commented na "hi-tech" daw camera ko ('cause of the swivel LCD I guess hehe). Then I asked him when he was going back to the States and found out na kinabukasan na pala flight niya.

So there, hours before the gig, I've already stalked one wolven one. Two to go.

Hours later, Drew and I were already inside the Music Museum (gates opened at 6:30 pm), hardly believing that this gig was actually gonna take place. You see, Drew and I are really big Wolfgang fans, and the news of the sudden breakup last 2002 really shattered our hearts.

At around 9pm, a slideshow of Razorback and Wolfgang pics from the 90s (heehee) were shown, then the lights went out and Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam" started playing . Dun pa lang, sinimulan ko na ang sing-along, hehehe. Finally, the guys of Wolfgang and Razorback started the show (hala, I forgot na what the song was hehehe).

Here are some of my fave shots. I like most of my pics, though they're quite blurry kasi di ako gumamit ng flash, tas di naman ako marunong magset ng tamang aperture and shutter speed para sharp yung pics, hehehe.

Showing off the supposedly sold-out tix. Balita ko may mga di na-claim na reserved tix eh. Sayang naman, dami-dami kayang gusto sana manood. Tsss.

Beautiful lighting onstage. Took these shots while waiting for the gig to start.

Ampayat na ni Mon Legaspi! And grabe, I really really really missed seeing Basti perform. When those eyes flare up and those eyebrows arch - sends shivers down my spine.

Kumikinang ang mga polo nina Papa Louie at Papa Manuel Legarda. Rock n roll never looked this good!

Basti and Kevin Roy: When you've got these two guys onstage, you know it's gonna be an awesome awesome gig.

Tirso Ripoll's talkbox rules!!!



The Basti Pose

While watching these rock gods onstage, I couldn't help but notice the enthusiasm flowing from one band member to another. Mon kept hopping around. Manuel was smiling a lot. Basti and Kevin were all fired up. Tirso was definitely enjoying his talkbox (really cool gadget, astig!). Brian Velasco and Francis Aquino were hot on the drums (Twas my first time to watch Francis - he's one mean fckn drummer!!! Sayang though nag-States na rin siya.) Naaliw talaga ako sa kanila, they were truly enjoying playing together again. Let's just all hope that that gig convinced them all to really get back together and churn out more rockin' albums!

After the gig, Drew and I hung out for a while at the lobby w/ some Wolfmusic gals. Later on, Basti came out and Drew asked to have a pic w/ him.

Much later, Manuel also came out and I had him sign my Acoustica inlay and also had a pic taken w/ him.

Last to come out was Mon, and as we were posing for the cam, he suddenly ducked so I made weird face (parang, "ngi, ba't ka nag-duck") at him before realizing that the camera hadn't flashed yet so tingin ako ulit sa cam tas siya naman tumayo ng tuwid...thus our kooky faces in that pic. Hehehe. Kulit ni Mon.

- - - - -

Quotable quotes:

After having a pic w/ Basti, I called up a friend who was very much used to my fangrrrly moments. Our conversation went something like this:
Dacs: Duuude, nagpapic ako w/ Basti!
Sam: Did you ask for his autograph?
Dacs: (pauses to think) Ay syet, no.
Sam: Dacs, ano ka ba? (and proceeds to scold me for forgetting something like that)
Dacs: Eh ganun eh, kabado.
Sam: So, what does he smell like?
Dacs: (pauses again to think) Dude, I didn't smell him.

- - - - -

"That wasn't the fckn song, was it?"
- Kevin Roy, after singing Giyang lyrics when the solos were done, when in fact Razorback was playing Tabi ng Bulkan. Di ko nga napansin na mali siya eh. Though Drew saw Louie na umiiling when Kevin started singing the wrong lyrics :P

- - - - -

"P****g !na ang saya dito sa Pilipinas!" - Basti
"Yeeeaaaaah!!!" - Audience

Pics from Alive 2007 are here:

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