Friday, February 16, 2007

If a picture paints a thousand words, then what do a thousand pictures paint?

Had a MAJOR Multiply update over the past week. Ngayon lang kasi nagka-oras, heehee. They're all here -

Click on the pics to see the rest of the album.

New addition to my "Signs" album

New addition to my "Sights" album

New addition to my "Ilang-Ilang '07" album

My desktop wallpapers

Finally, a "Dacs and Drew" (and Basti, hahaha!) album :D

Some random Bio1 shots

Dahlia '09 pics

New addition to my "Botika ni Lola" album

YMSAT Week: Survival of the Fittest: The Biology 1 Quiz Contest

YMSAT Week: CARE's Junk Art

YMSAT Week: Homeroom Cleanup

YMSAT Week: 2nd Year Integrated Project

Humanities Week: Art 2 Fashion Show

Humanities Week: ACLE RockEd

Humanities Week: 4th Year Sayaw Interpretasyon

Humanities Week: 2nd Year Talking Tableau

Humanities Week: Behind the Scenes of Dahlia's Talking Tableau

Other Humanities Week shots

Milenyo pics


jona said...

grabe kaka-miss pisay! interpretative dance! prom! hehe.

tsaka i sympathize with your finger injury. been there although in my case thumb naman. imagine what that did to my pipeting skills!

about the ring finger ewan ko pero ako suot ko singsing sa left hand. baka iba pag other side of the pacific ka. hwehwehwe.

- d a c s - said...

Grabe ka-bonggacious ang prom this year...

Hahaha, pipeting skills - ayos!

jem said...

nakabasag kami ng pipette nung hs.

re title and singer nung song that goes, "ale, nasa langit na ba ako?" its title is "ale (nasa langit na ba ako?)". it was sung by richard reynoso.

"nang magkamalay, ay nasa ospital na ako.."

- d a c s - said... much did you pay for the pipette?

Aaah...that was my other guess, Richard Reynoso.

Don't we just love the 80s...