Sunday, February 18, 2007

Of prom nights and quitting bands

Last night was the 3rd prom I've been to in my life. Finally, Andrew was my prom date*. Back in 3rd year, I was with my batchmate Marc, while I went stag (stag din ba tawag sa babaeng walang date?) during the 4th year prom and the gradball.
*Thanks very much to the Prom Committee for allowing us to bring guests (else wala akong way papuntang prom!).

Well, I realized one thing. Rather, I
remembered one thing last night - I DON'T FRIGGIN' DANCE. I don't. Period.

So why the hell did I make my way to the dance floor with Drew? Well, I didn't want to be a bad date. So after a long while of sitting by ourselves at the table (everyone else was dancing), I mustered the courage to invite Andrew to dance. F*%*, big mistake. I just felt like I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole.


But because I love my guy, I TRIED. Too bad it didn't work out.

Which is sad, because Andrew loves to dance. In fact, he's a great dancer. High school palang, pansin ko na na ok galaw ni Drew. Sorry nalang but he ended up with a girl who'd rather headbang to the music than dance to it \m/

- - - - -

Speaking of headbanging to the music - there's one band whose music we won't be headbanging to anymore, at least not live.

Chris Cornell, formerly of Soundgarden, is also now known as the former vocalist of Audioslave.

Yup, the guy quit the band, citing personality conflicts as well as musical differences.

Not a totally bad thing, because along with his quitting Audioslave comes the release (on May 1, 2007) of his 2nd solo effort "Carry On". Also, his Audioslave bandmates have reunited with former vocalist Zack dela Rocha - Rage Against the Machine will be performing at the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 29. Not sure though what the RATM's future is beyond Coachella.

- - - - -

Last night's sounds were great. Though I think it was more of the faculty that enjoyed it rather than the students. The band was The Bloomfields, a band I got to know in 2005 during the BIOTA Convention at La Salle Greenhills, which is the band's alma mater.

They play rock and roll from the 60's, so that's the Beatles, the Beach Boys, etc. Last night they also previewed a song from their upcoming album (to be launched in March - it's about time!) - a revival of a Marco Sison song, I think. I really dunno the singer or the title, but the lyrics go "Ale, nasa langit na ba ako...". I remember singing that song when I was a kid.

I hope this band goes far. They're really good and fun to watch (sorry, as I said, I DON'T DANCE). And prolly the younger gals will fall for their moptops and suits, too. Check them out at Or join their mailing list at

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