Thursday, February 22, 2007

Several things

I am now starting my 10:00 habit.

Every Wednesday from now on, I will glue myself to the tube and watch Season 7 of CSI. For those who don't know my TV habits, lemme just tell you that I rarely watch TV. And when I do, I rarely watch series because I'm very forgetful so I miss out on a lot of episodes. So tatamarin na 'kong manood pa.

But not this time. Luckily, CSI's time slot is up at 10:00 p.m., which means I'm definitely home by that time. So from now on, my cellphone will sound an alarm and remind me to watch CSI on AXN every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.

I was super glad that the two-part season premiere of Season 7 was shown back-to-back, kasi SUUUPER cliffhanger yung Part 1! Part 1 was even quite boring. The conclusion of the two featured cases was anticlimactic. Parang, yun na yun? But then a new storyline involving Catherine Willows is introduced within the last 5-10 minutes of Part 1, and it really reeled me in. If you haven't watched it yet and you don't mind spoilers, check out for awesome reviews of each episode so far.

I'm not spoiling anything for myself, though. I only read until Episodes 1 & 2. I'll just wait for the next ep next Wednesday.

I miss Grissom's beard. First impression ko kasi sa beardless Grissom back in the first few seasons was GAY. The beard made him astig. I still love him though, and the whole cast of CSI. Especially Greg and Nick and Warrick (in that order). Hahaha lahat na ng boys.

Oh and yeah, John Mayer was there. Now I wanna buy his new album na.

Btw, it's William Petersen's (Gil Grissom) birthday! (02/21/07)

- - - - -

Now watching MYX. This is actually my late-night hobby, if ever I'm still awake at this time (almost 1:00 a.m. by now).

Astig, ASIN sa MYX Live! This is a great way to re-introduce their music to today's generation. Actually, myself included. I'm not really well-versed with their music. I only know the mainstream classics - "Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata" and the environmental anthem "Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran", to name a few of the few that I know.

Watching this right now makes me wanna go to M1 soonest and buy some of their albums. Also, I'd love to watch a bar gig of these local legends.

Oh yeah nga pala, just remembered because I just browsed the net for Asin. Yung "Apl Song" nga pala sampled the chorus of "Balita". Props to Allan Pineda aka Apl de Ap for that! Pinoy represent!

Official site of Asin:

- - - - -

Still from MYX: Just saw an ad for the 24-hour U2 thing on 02/24/07. Nakakatuwa, hehehe. Spinoof ni Lucky, er, Luis Manzano pala, yung "Numb" video. I looove that video. Kawawa si Edge dun, pati paa kumapa-kapa sa kutis niya. Kay Luis naman, yung mga fingers bubunutan na siya ng booger. Hahaha =P

- - - - -

American Idol Season 6 - haven't been watching. Considering that I almost religiously followed AI5. Well that's because Sway was there, and then by the time he got booted, I had Chris and Elliott and Taylor to follow. Kat I noticed later on pa.

This time there's another Fil-Am, though I wasn't impressed much by his audition, which I watched on YouTube. I do hope he makes it far though, considering that he's been auditioning for AI for a couple of years now.

So far si Sanjaya lang kilala ko (and I'm rooting for that kid!), because that was the only auditions episode I was able to watch wholly. I dunno, I guess it's gonna be a wait-and-see thing for this batch of Idol wannabes.

- - - - -

Now JoJo's on Myxellanous. I like her, hehe. One of my guilty pleasures, I guess. I have this:

And now I want this:

Haaay, pahaba nang pahaba ang CD wishlist ko! >_<

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